Tuesday, December 14, 2004

mr. bean jokes

Have you heard of Mr. Bean jokes? You know, silly things like..

Mr. Bean in a drugstore
Mr. Bean: I'd like to buy vitamins for my niece..
Employee: What kind? A, B, or C?
Mr. Bean: Anykind!! She doesn't read yet.

Today, in a public place, thinking about how Survivor: Vanuatu would go, I thought about a Mr. Bean joke based on my brief mind encounter with Big Brother 5. Hope don't get confused of how I got the joke.

Mr. Bean in a meeting for alcoholics
Jennifer: Hi, my name is Jennifer, 34 years old. I have a twin sister, Jenna.
Mr. Bean: How old is she?

Awright. It's not that 'hillarious' funny. Darn. It's funnier when I thought about it.


mellyana said...

kwakakakak, lucu banget!
ternyata elu jauh ya, Bi?

Bie said...

Thanks Mel, gue sih pas dapet joke itu sampe cengengesan sendiri. Disangka gila kali ya terusannya. Hehehe..

Iya nih, gue jauh di sini.. Hehehee..