Friday, December 03, 2004

I got my ya-ya at IKEA..

I agree with Phil. I think last night was the hardest Philimination. Definitely.. I gotta give it to Lena & Kristy. Amazing sisters. Honestly, they were not my top picks for the Amazing Race this season, but however, in episode 1 they slided by to postition 3, and in episode 2, crucial mistake put them second last. Now, too bad Fortuna gave her blessing to other pairs.

  1. Lena & Kristy - Don't you think that blood related siblings will not do good in filled-with-luck Roadblock? Check this amazing fact. Lance (or Marshall) had to gruel over piles of chocolate in Argentina before finding one. Teams passed them by. Lance (or Marshall) arrived last in scarab roadblock. And decided to quit. Lena took eight hours in a roadblock. EIGHT HOURS!!! I really have bloating respect for these sisters now. Way to go Lena!!
  2. Don & Mary Jean - The more I think about it, the more I like Lori & Bolo more and more. Oh, wait this is not about them. Just check tAR Insider for details.
  3. Lori & Bolo - Oh, man.. They expect themselves to count?? Oh, man.. Don't get me wrong guys. I don't think that they are incapable of counting intellegently. It's just.. even I can't count. But I like them more this episode. I really hope in one leg they will finish first and got the bonus. Or even better. Finish first on the last leg. Yeah!
  4. Freddy & Kendra - First episode is Kendra, 2nd is Freddy, 3rd is Kendra.. Next week I assume Freddy will again piss me off. Oh, well..
  5. Adam & Rebecca - Umm.. were they on this episode?
  6. Jonathan & Victoria - Umm.. were they with Adam & Rebecca? Of course not! They were right there still shouting to one another. Fun facts, they were choosing three first detours themselves, and always not the most popular one (at first), but they always did it effectively. Wow.
  7. Gus & Hera - Number 3 again.. Keep it goin..
  8. Kris & Jon - Rock-paper-scissors.. You were rock, Aaron was paper, you were number two. Hmm.. The highest average finish position so far.
  9. Hayden & Aaron - Sorry if one day I will turn all my attention to Lori & Bolo.

The detour in IKEA (so I was right, then..) - AMAZING! I don't know what to choose. Because I tend to always choose for the challenging one, and for me it's count it. Wow.. I will suck in that detour. I even have to calculate minimum three times when I used calculator. How am I suppose to do count it. For the contestants, did they never heard of IKEA? They have the best knocked-down furniture in the whole world. It's easy yet sturdy, it's simple yet stylish. This is not a detour.. this is a one way to build it.

The Yield.. I thought that Lori & Bolo would have used it for sure. But tAR Insider shows that Bolo is actually a very nice good kind guy (I'm so confused which adjective must come first). That's the reason why I like them more and more. He must be really funny and just a great pair with Lori. I wish though that the yield was placed in a two-way route, so teams could use it before or after roadblock. That would be interesting.

The Roadblock.. Eventhough for both Lance & Marshall's and Lena & Kristy's cases Phil had to go to Philiminate them on roadblock area, Lance & Marshall went straight to my bottom barrel of racers, Lena & Kristy went straight to my top choice for tAR All-Star. They sooo deserve a second chance (as Nancy & Emily from tAR 1).

Again.. I really respect Lena & Kristy. Especially Lena for her non-stop effort and no givin up attitude. Wish the best for them. And Phil said it the best. It wasn't about poor decision, it wasn't about making mistakes, it was purely about luck.

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