Tuesday, December 21, 2004


The post here below, was not meant to be written as suggestion or guidelines. It is solely a knowledge that I gathered, was suggested to, and read during trying to deal with my cut. My advice when you get cut is, GET HELP!

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I was cut! By the top part of tuna can.. Yikes! It's not hurt, I think I can bare the pain. But the bleeding was kinda scary. The thing is that I don't have antiseptic ready at home (eventhough I live in the same buliding of a drugstore, ha!), how do I have to deal with the wound correctly?

So, by not having antiseptic, I thought of hot water the next best 'cleansing' actor. And soap. What a silly hurt guy.

On the left, you can see my fingers some minutes after it got cut, don't worry, I blurred the wound so that it won't look so gross. I will not deal with your imagination, though..

But anyway, after some thirty minutes of holding my hand higher than my heart, (after stupid ten minutes not knowing what to do) the bleeding stopped. The wound is so scary.. Whoosh! Well, I learned some lesson, though..

  • By the act of bleeding, don't wash the wound with warm or hot water. It makes the blood flow even faster. (given to me by the son of a nurse, thanks NDC)
  • Don't wash your wound with soap, according to this site. So, I made a mistake then, dang!
  • Socks, are one of the first things to find when bleeding. Make them into a ball, and use wrappers to hold it to the wound. Thank God I have thousands of black socks.
  • Hold your wound higher than your heart level. I assume then so if you cut yourself in the leg, lie down, and lift your leg. Maybe you can do crunches in the mean time.
  • Check it after ten minutes or so, hopefully the bleeding stops. If not, try to get medical assisstance, then.
  • When it stopped, apply Betadine, and bandage.

Cuts can be treated at home. So don't fret, play it cool like me, and maybe internet to a man is diaomonds to a girl: their best friend. (you know how we felt bout doctors.. or is it just me?)

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Anonymous said...

Just know more that u're not comfortable dealing with doctor ^_^ kan ga harus minum obat atuh.. gehehe