Wednesday, December 08, 2004

can't wipe out the grin

I was soooo relieved when I saw by supervisor today, and he said something like, "Okay, so tomorrow we will see each other, and we will talk about the examples and calculations." And I said something like, "Okay, I will prepare it, then, and hopefully the calculation will not be as hard." - cue for a grin on my face.

And he said later on, "And also, I think we should talk about the presentation. And your report, I think you have it everything covered, haven't you?" - cue for another grin.

So, this means two things, for tomorrow, I don't have to prepare a multi layered complicated report which is already only 40% ready now. That's a GOOD news. The bad news is, looks like I'll be working on calculations, report, and presentation during the holidays. And I have to hunt all the literature before the holidays come. - cue for yet another grin, but now add a little bit of bitterness.

Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE doing it.

Now, what can I write as my presentation outline.. - cue for the last grin.

Cut! That's a wrap.

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