Monday, May 16, 2005

what's in a name?

I hate this post. I hate how standard it is. And how blunt it is. Even if it is personal post. Hehehe..

But since there are "some" comments down there, I will not erase it. Just put it a bit in the background. And after buying their CD, I wrote another post on this thing. You can read it. It's not better, though, but it's mendingan.

Seriously. I always love to see "Wetten, dass ..?" (WD) on TV. It's unique, has world-class guest stars, and always make me excited. So when last Sunday WD is scheduled to run, I was as excited as hell to know the guest stars. Two of them are Paris Hilton and Kimi Raikonnen [sp?]. But four of them are male vocalists that is member of a group named more or less to give you classical sense, but just got me thinking, "Can't they think of another name?" The name is Il Divo.

Il Divo, as stated in the website, is a London based all male vocal groups, singing mostly in classical style. What interests me the most, is the fact that, Il Divo was formed after auditions. Oh my God. And since they are based in London, I hope they are not another Boyzone, another Spice Girls, and another Westlife, where auditions were made to form a group, and the group will be whored up to a great success, but that's it.

But however, Il Divo sounds good. Old tricks are used, though. Using old records. Translate them into Spanish (or Italian?). Put orchestra as the music. I felt so ashamed that I didn't know about this group before I watched WD. But today's search in local Amazon relieved me, because their album won't be released until tomorrow!! Phew..

Who're the boys? Believe it or not, they come from 4 different countries. One of them is self-trained (!!!). All of them speaks English. One curly, one short straight blond, one short burnett, and one wavy to the neck long. They are:

1. Carlos Marin, the Spanish baritone. Have a nice deep timbre, made me thought that he was the bass. Famous for Spanish versions of opera and musicals. If I'm getting information correctly, he has a baby and it is shown in the video clip of Regresa A Mi.

2. Sebastien Izambard. The heartthrob. For a start, he's French. He's self-taught when it comes to singing. Reading his bio, he's the most rebellious out of the four. I don't understand what vox populi means, but that's what he is.

3. Urs Buhler. The long-haired tenor. Comes from Switzerland, and very serious in singing. I mean his way of singing. I thought he was the baritone, because he has a strong, supported baritone voice. Hands down, the strongest voice out there. He looks somehow like Gael Garcia Bernal.

4. David Miller. The tall guy. Don't get me wrong, but he's the guy that I love to hate. For me he's Brian of Westlife. Or Simon of Blue. Or Stephen of Boyzone. The guy who thinks that he's cute and make stuff with the mouth or face when they are singing. But voice-wise, he's not bad. By the way, he's the American.

The first time that they were shown, I think that they will be fully charged like the three tenors. Or sounds like Josh Groban. But nope. They start the performance with a very soft-almost-wishpering voice which I don't really like and get me saying, "what are they doing?" But when the second chorus came, I was so amazed hearing this operatic mixed with a little popish timbre and I was like.. OK, I need to get the nearest CD store.

Another concern is, that they will be whored to teens, and their concert will be full of girls shouting and screaming their names. Hmm.. It really depends in these some days, though.. But to prove my concern, just check the forum on their website. Urgh..


Credo said...

I'm curious to this 'Vox Populi' thing.. so I checked out Babylon. And it said: Vox Populi means 'voice of the people', public sentiment, or public opinion. Does it fit the meaning of what you read on the web?

And by the way, If I'm not very much mistaken (you know me, almost know nothing in details :p) the group Il Divo is producered (is this the correct word?) by Simon Cowell from AI. Might've read it in But when I try to search it again in, no result was found.

Bie said...

I was just about to type the Simon Cowell fact as updates, because yesterday I read somewhere that he introduced this group in Oprah.

Tuh kaannn... Hiks..

Hopefully not another boyband.

Wikipedia said more or less the same thing about vox populi. But one of the definition is unrehearsed person, not selected in any way, compared to other members of the group.

And that's what I read in their website. Sebastien is vox populi.

Ah, well..

Mike said...

Well, couldn't believe that you are still in the trail of the boysband. Though I'm not believe that they are one. I just believe that they are male group vocals. :)
They are good, I've seen them in Miss World 2004 and Parkinson (Talk Show like Oprah in England). I have no idea that you might enjoy them too. BTW Why the comment was being closed?

Anonymous said...

möchte nur sagen: 3 posts about the boys.. Du bist OBSESSED!! Hahahaha..

Aber wir können ja druber am WE reden, oder? Oder möchtest du lieber mitsingen? Hehehehee..

Bis bald.

Bie said...


for Mike: cek definition of boyband in Wikipedia, and then take your sides. Hehehehe..

Emang mereka bukan boyband kok.. Mereka itu supergroup (istilah apa pula itu :D) Huahuaheuaheua..

BTW, only comment on the latest post is disabled, because last two posts talk about the same thing, but the oldest got comments already. Saves the confusion.

to Anonymous: sapa sih ente (bukan bebek)..? bisa ngomong Endonesa gak? Hehehe.. Natürlich können wir das am WE machen. Tapi pake bahasa Endonesa ya.. Mampus luh.

Mike said...

Well, anyway when will you teach me how to make the blog skin?