Thursday, May 19, 2005

Il Divo: (not) just another boyband?

On Simon Cowell's head some time last year...

Hmm.. I can't believe how this popera genre can take over the world. Josh Groban is number one and his concert is crowded everywhere. Mario Frangoulis is being talked. Andrea Bocelli is still looked for. And what is amazing is that men, women, teenagers, old, young, all like this music. I want some of it!

But the thing is, I can't wave this magic wand and turn someone into a star, like what I said to Charley Lowry, contestant on American Idol 3. What I can do is spot them if they are good. So audition is what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna make auditions, to produce the latest popera boyband. Ain't it grand! (the real Simon will not say this, though.. :D)

So there you go, after auditions all over the world, Simon Cowell produced this grouped named Il Divo. Maybe the name was chosen for the sake of group image. But I really beg to differ.

In the audition...

Enter Sebastien Izambard. Early 30s French guy. Self-taught when it comes to singing. But can sing. He doesn't have a strong operatic quality of voice though, but he will be the foundation and support when the song needed it's popish touch. He also writes songs and definitely can contribute to the group.

Come David Miller. With outstanding operatic vocal education background. Experienced by becoming one of the cast of La Boheme, musical directed by Baz Luhrman. His voice, is typical modern musical performers, where you still can feel the classical timbre, and yet not so full vibratic and deep. He's the big tall guy from US.

Audition Urs Buhler. My favorite voice in the group. A perfect bridge from Miller's modern musical timbre to the classical opera. His voice is fully supported with classical technique tenory voice. And his melancholy face, just adds up to the image that this group needs. Until this time, I still can't imagine that that voice comes from that face. He is Schweizer, by the way.

Sing Carlos Marin. Carlos has an extensive summary of singing opera. And musicals of course. Deep well-produced baritone voice, yet again able to sing in a more relaxful popish voice. He is very versatile in terms of singing. If Urs got my vote for the voice, Carlos got my vote for performer. It is easy to sing Spanish songs for him, because it is his mother tongue.

Their future...

Now where will Simon Cowell bring this group forward. I still don't know, but I bet he knows, though. I am looking forward to eliminating the brackets on the title of this post, and changing the question mark in the end by exclamation mark after I put down the brackets.

We'll see, but in the mean time, I leave it like that and enjoy Il Divo.

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