Wednesday, March 14, 2007

curse and other rambling - idol top 12

As in the words of Randy Jackson, "What's goin' down, baby, what's really goin' down?" Err.. this opening sentence doesn't really have anything to do with the rest of the post, I just feel like to writing it.

I was wondering whether tomorrow, the curses of American Idol will return again. The first curse is every year besides the first one where they did the cutting differently, the first casualties of top 12 is always a female contestant.

This curse could have actually been lifted when I included Jared Cotter in the top 12. I think, if he were there, he would have been the first one to be voted off. Alas, that happened only in my head.

Enter Haley Scarnato. Last week, I thought that she could be the first one to go home. Again, she's a girl, outsung by other girls for sure, and I can't really think about her fanbase until now. That's why I got so confused that she's through to top 12.

I agree with the judges, though. Haley had a moment. And a good one that is. For the first time, I think of Haley as attractive. Whoa, surprising, right? She's not as bad as I can remember. Weird.

I didn't agree with Paula, or Pauler as Simon would have called her, she thinks that the audience may not know that someone messed up their lyrics. Haley messed up her lyrics, by the way. But sweety, that's why they invited TiVo. To record performances like that and rewind-replay it until we're done making fun of it.

Second curse. Two of the first casualties of past first final rounds sang the same song: "You Keep Me Hanging On" by Diana Ross. Safe to say that after those two, there has never been a contestant singing that song.

Cue the Blake Lewis. He sang the song. Ouch. But of course, this is Blake we're talking about. Aw, come on. He's not going anywhere.

Update from the Lakisha Jones vs Melinda Doolittle department. Melinda went for a cabaret-y yet delivered attractively (a bit "brengbreng gedumbreng" in my dictionary) number, Lakisha went for a jazzy and very-controlled-and-masterclass-league delivered number. I vote for .. Melinda. I'm sorry. I admit that sometimes I choose package over substance. But I guarantee you that it's not always like that.

Brandon Rogers forgot his words, Stephanie Edwards got a bad review for teasing the viewers, Jordin Sparks sparks Randy's on-going infatuation for teenage finalist yet again (remember Diana DeGarmo?), Gina Glocksen was put to the middle pack by Simon, the Chrises (plus Blake) took a risk by changing up the songs into their own and the risk didn't pay off.

You know what, there is a contestant that I know that he's not going to be the next idol. But I really really really don't want to lose him. I don't know how I can continue surviving watching the show without him. For me he's very real. He doesn't try hard, he doesn't have any stardom, he isn't enrolled in the best-looking-contestant-ever list, but for me, he sounds really damn good. He's Phil Stacey.

Wait, there's still one contestant that I haven't talked about. Oh, yeah, Sanjaya Malakar needs to go home.

I got a feeling, it's gonna be Stephanie. I was wrong so many other times, so I'm sure Stephanie will survive.

Update: Both curses are lifted. I didn't watch the show. Any tear and/or tearjerker?


mellyana said...

please, where's your review after yesterday show. there's no way you missed the show, bie! please

btw, for the first time, I see a little something from Haley. although, maybe that's a little to much skin *wink*

Bie said...

Hehehe.. mohon dimaafkan .. I missed the show, actually. And by missed, I mean I only watched it once instead of the usual thrice. Hehehehe..

Yeah, skinny Haley. Oops. That's a different connotation.