Thursday, March 01, 2007

idol top 20

American Idol this week is "meh"-ing. It felt like Miss Congeniality Idol rather than American Idol. Everyone was nice, emotional, connected, bla bla bla .. The producers are really pumping for tears this season. If the contestant showed an unsatisfactory performance, then they can wear this dedication thing as a facade. Simon called this excuse "rubbish". Maybe he was right. I wouldn't go as far as that though, but I do think that it was just plain boring.

I mean look at what happened to Brandon Rogers. I seriously think that he could go home this week. He was OK vocally. But it was just bland and .. not unmemorable, but just unattractive. Poor guy.

Nick Pedro may lose a big block of votes because of his dedication to his girlfriend. Uh-oh .. Plus, he performed bad. Really bad.

On the girls' side, I really don't want to be in their shoes right now, other than in Melinda's or Lakisha's. I mean, seriously, the girls will only be about the two of them, with four supporting singers. I kinda have a weird feeling though, that one of the four may pull a Vonzell and sneak in to become a front-runner as well.

I still stand by Sanjaya, Alaina, and Haley as my pick who should go home. The other spot for the guy, would be Nick.

List! Hmm .. no exceptional changes. But I know now that Jordin has a problem with lower range. Ouch!

Not much more to say. The show was booooring. Not because of the performance though, but because of "I'd like to dedicate this performance to [fill in the blanks]" repeated through the whole one-and-a-half hour.

Update: I can't believe that they pick Haley over Leslie. For me at least Leslie is wacky and very fun to watch. I mean ... Haley, who? I also have an inkling that AJ might be going home. But for a reason that I'm not gonna say.

List must be updated, then.


mellyana said...

can't agree more about leslie. I like her. Noooo, don't go. otherwise it will be too-similar-voice-compete each other

Bie said...

Melly: I guess what Leslie sang in her encore was true, then .. America don't care for jazz.. :)

Sahat: I guess what Leslie sang in her encore was true, then .. America don't care for jazz.. :)