Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Day 4 of American Idol Hollywood round 2004. There was this girl who was wrapped in a silvery two-piece outfit resembling a jumpsuit. Because of the silvery fabric, it was seen that the girl has wrapped herself with alumunium foil. Simon Cowell said that she was wearing something that people wrapped a turkey in.

Fast forward to week 5 of semi-finals: the wild card round. Viewers can enjoy the performance of a girl sang "I Believe In You and Me". The performance was awesome. However, the girl was wearing a pink mermaid gown, borderline fugly. It was kinda hard to describe the mermaid gown. It's like a body-tight gown with bustier bodice down to your knees or a bit lower with widening fringe on the bottom. Like the gown when the Dreams sings the title song in Dreamgirls.

In the end of the show, Simon Cowell said and this is a paraphrased version of what he said, "We all know that Jennifer is good. But she may have an issue with her fashion sense."

The girl he was talking about is Jennifer Hudson.

Fast forward to two days ago.

Jennifer Hudson on Red CarpetThat bolero is one of the most talked about piece of crap outfit going down the red carpet.

I love Jennifer Hudson to death, and I don't really love Simon Cowell. But girl, I think I'm siding with Simon this time around.

I'm so freaking happy you snatched Uncle Oscar, though. You totally deserve it!

Now let me play that song for the 3,928th time.


mellyana said...

at least she has the voice, rite, bie :)

I really have no idea, why she so fall in love with anything look like alumunium?

Bie said...

the voice and the way she delivers each song. :)

Yeah I know. What's up with her and alumunium?

sahathutajulubo said...

I hate to admit that her acting and high notes better than Beyonce in that film, but regrettably, that's true... (hiks)

But, I still think that Beyonce has better tone. (Go Beyonce go!!). Hahaha.. it's just my simple tought.

Bie said...

Huh, Sahat? Beyonce mah emang gak bisa akting atuh .. Mentok mulu. Gue malahan udah high hopes mudah2an dia lebih cemerlang (dari biasanya, bukan dari Hudson). Eeh .. ya begitu2 doang..

sahathutajulubo said...

Iya bete yah... Gila deh tuh si Hudson. 1st trial langsung Oscar. Fabolous!