Tuesday, February 13, 2007

recipe for success

I won this morning! I finally won! Woohooooooo!

Won what, dorkus?

Well, OK. There is this race. It's been going on for like five months between me and my alarm clock. The race is being conscious first after sleeping on the previous night. I have never won. My alarm clock was always already blaring before I can say the word "Anderson Cooper". It beats the crap out of me. Like everytime.

This morning, surprisingly, I opened my eyes before the alarm clock was screaming demeaning words to my ear. So, I won! I fucking won! Consciously, I didn't plan this, however, I know that this is not a coincidence, and actually a fruit of what I did the previous night.

So in order to win the race, I have (in the previous night):

1. let the door open. It's like sleeping outdoors. Breezy, fresh, friggin freezing, when you woke up.
2. let the windows open but the curtain close. The wind will blow right to your body.
3. never had the thoughts that if both things are open, that rodent visitor that may come, may come.
4. welcomed the occasionally noisy but most of the times annoyingly loud sounds from the mosque nearby. The open doors and windows will help you a lot on this.
5. slept at 21-hundred hours. Yeah, be a baby, one night a while.

So. You will be having a plate of success the next morning. The very early next morning, that is.

Oh, yeah. Notice the sarcastic tone throughout this post? Yeah. It was intended.

PS: blogger.com revamped stuff a bit, it messed my layout up. Hrrr...

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