Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tears, Tears, Tears and Matthew Buckstein.

That season has started. Again. The season where everybody's a critic. Everybody starts to think that they know about singing, performing, vocals, appeal and idolatry. Yes, baby, American Idol is back in our living room. And I'm one of that everybody who turns to be one of those critics, of course.

This afternoon, I started to see American Idol religiously again (before it got to the boring top 10-9-8-7-6-5) since it is the beginning of the Hollywood Week episode. The boot camp. Wait. The beginning and the end, to be precise.

To show the whole boot camp in only one episode reminds me a lot to German version of Pop Idol.

I was totally surprised to learn that I don't know anybody this year. The people that I know (and can remember) are actually contestants who were already there some seasons before. I saw Marlea Stroman from season 4. That two blokes from last season. Gina Glocksen (sp?) from last season. And my second contestant of the week of last season. I can't believe he's back and currently on top 40. Yay!

Now, the reason that I know no one was simply because the judges cut people with ample airtime. Baylie Brown was cut. Sarah Burgess was cut. That chick that worked out for a year was cut. Jamie Lynn was cut. I was like, who's still there, then? Other than Matthew Buckstein, of course.

OK. What interests me the most during Hollywood Week is usually the production of the episode. Nothing really stands out actually today. Except for the fact that there are so many returnees, I kinda wondered, were they invited back rather than audition all over again?

Second, the fast-paced episode left out a really small room for humour. Everything was decorated with tears, tears and tears. Matt Sato (the 16-year-old mate who said that he was never loved. I love this guy, by the way. Not so much on his singing, though.) was through with tears, cut with tears. Perla (Columbian Diva) was through with tears. Baylie was cut with tears and of course a washed-up eyeliner.

Who to root, then? I don't know. I really don't. I like Antonella. I think she's sexy as hell. But so so in singing. I like Matthew Buckstein last year. But I didn't really hear him singing yet. I like Tom Lowe (credited as Thomas Lowe). But rumours are already flying around saying he won't be through to top 24. And I think he's not top 12 material.

But I know who I don't like, though. That round mate who was told by Simon that he looked like that he was about to explode just being boiled. When singing.

We'll see. We'll hear and then, we'll criticise.

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