Friday, February 17, 2006

American Idol 5 Contestant of the Week

Michael Buckstein, What Have You Done?

But now! There's noooo where te hide,
since you push my lurve asi-eye-eye-de
Hay'm out o' ma 'ead,
an' I'm 'opelessly devo-daaayd to you hoo hoo hoo,
'opelessly devoded to you..

For me, this is the correct way of ever singing this song. Because this song oh-so very country so that other country songs feel like hip hop. That's why I got really excited hearing the renditions from Kellie Pickler and our second dum da dum dummmm! American Idol 5 Contestant of the Week!

Matthew Buckstein
His name is Matthew Buckstein. He sang this song complete with his cowboy hat, southern accent, going-to-the-rodeo tight jeans, slickly trimmed goatee, tight sleeveless top, buckle and boots. Added to it: wide opened legs, flirty attitude, and tapping heels alternatingly resembling line dancing. What's not to love?

Eventhough Ryan Seacrest kinda mocked him by saying, "Some were devoted a little bit more hopelessly [to the song] than others." before showing his performance, and we see the slick editing showing Simon Cowell looked agitated and hiding his laugh by covering his mouth with his right hand, I really like his performance.

I think, though, it is also because I have a soft side for country. Ssshhh don't say it out loud! I don't want him to hear me!

On group day, he was grouped with Gareth "What is he doing in Hollywood" Johnson. The other cowboy. And Michael Evans. They chose Boo Doo Wa Diddy to sing. They did what?? My God, Matthew..

Matthew in his group
The funny or maybe tragic part about group day is that the producers decided to make a shrine on this group: by editing stuff to compose a trailer titled Brokenote Mountain - Love is Tone-Deaf (Editing stuff to make new trailer is so hot nowadays). I wonder if BPJ did the narration.

Matthew and Gareth
Back to it, the performance was a trainwreck. He got cut. They all got cut. Later on, we witness how big his heart is by telling Gareth, "You didn't let me.. [choked a bit] you didn't let me down. Listen cowboy, you didn't let me down." after Gareth broke down to tears and said that he let them down and hugged the group mates. Matthew continued, "You go back to that ranch, you come back next year."

With a melancholy soundtrack in the background, who will be able to hold up their tears.

Gosh, cowboys really took a hard beating this year. But in a Mattthew Buckstein kind of words, "You can't keep a good cowboy down, man."

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