Friday, February 17, 2006

sorry for posting again..

But I just wanna say shortly that eventhough Hopelessly Devoted to You would have been superb as a country song, I love Deborah Gibson's (she's no longer Debbie, guys..) rendition on Grease - the Broadway Revival the most.

This is solely because Deborah (back then she was Debbie) is actually my childhood crush. Hehehee.. Shamelessly I admit it. But back then, I was rarely able to see the video clip of Electric Youth. That is why I am sooooo fuckin' grateful for the existence of You Tube.

Hmmm.. I know what I'll do this weekend, then. Learning how to do Electric Youth routine! and singing along like this:

electric youth!
feel now I see the energy
comin up, comin up to roll

the future rolling in mind
in future is take
and the future is

electric youth
it's true you can buy it
can buy it
the next generation

it's electric by it

Sounds weird? that's how a naive innocent 7-year-old indonesian boy with a broken english and a crush yet very cute sang it. Eventhough that boy has no longer the crush and had aged 21 19 years older [fuck, I can't do math anymore] yet still very cute, he still sings it that way.

From the top! Electric Youth! Paf!

Have a nice weekend people.

Update: Oh, OK what the hell. I'm doing the embedded thingie!

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