Wednesday, February 08, 2006

ex-potato, ex-broccoli, and an ex-cuse

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Today I cooked for my friend. It's like the first time ever I let myself cook for someone. And he was willing .. so hopefully, no harm done. Yesterday was his birthday by the way, and I don't have a gift as I don't celebrate birthdays anyway..

The dish was one of the most basic things: Gratin. Potato Gratin. A la Bie. Hmm.. Somehow, that doesn't sound delicious... :-S

Cooking while someone is watching eventhough they are not judging is .. troublesome. Making me nervous. Especially when it is in his kitchen. *grin*. Eventhough this is not my first time cooking gratin, so that my "flow of work" was much better than the first time, I still got cold feet. Or is it the winter?

gratin ingredients
First, I cook the potato halfway to extract all the vitamins on the skin. While they were cooked I kept my eye on the clock and started shredding and cut the broccoli into some manageable pieces. Next was washing the broccoli.

After that, I started to minced the schalotten (red onions but not onions) and the garlic and the Lachzwiebeln. These two were used because I insisted to add a personality in the gratin. Because I'm a proud asian, I would sautee them in a fashion that every spices must be sauteed first in Indonesia.

Potatoes were ready, I switched to smaller pan, heated the oil, washed potatoes, put minced garlic to pan, started to fry them. After they were done, I turned the stove off, turned the oven on, poured milk, cream, Schmelzkäse, added salt and pepper into the pan.

gratin in process
Waiting for the potatoes to cool down a bit, I greased the Auflaufform. Shortly after, I peeled the potatoes (really hate peeling hot potatoes), cut them to thin slices (dünne Scheiben), and arranged them and the broccoli in the Auflaufform.

The cream mixtured was poured on, cover the Auflaufform with Alufolie, and Voila! The oven was ready, so I started baking.

I never cooked like this before. There always, "Oh, I forgot to grease the pan." Or .. "Oh, the oil is not hot enough." Or worse, "Oh, the oven wasn't turned on.." But you know how they say that "third time's a charm"? For me, my charm always works on the first time. This time it doesn't taste superb like the first one. Thank God, it is not Rachel's Shepherd's Pie.

gratin made!
Anyway, I want you to do something. First, start cooking for yourself. It's cheap, healthy, and a good way to channel your stress. Second, try to guess where in the steps that I mentioned above I actually steal some time to make those pictures.

And third, get a kleenex, and wipe that drool outta your face. Your boss is looking at you.

Update: Oh, my God, the pics are HUMONGOUS!! It's the after midnight syndrome, I think.. :-S

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Credo said...

quoted: "a good way to channel your stress"

Yeah.. It could be.. or else,double your stress >:)