Tuesday, February 21, 2006

if a picture paints a thousand words ...

Current book read: Harry Potter and the Magic is Gone

... then I don't have to type anything for this entry.

I Wanna Live with Her Forever.

Her name's Lily, by the way.

We Will Have to Get Along Really Well.

Otherwise, you won't survive me learning how to spank you the correct way three times a week for the upcoming three months. Until you sound the way I want it.

But on a note from my teacher: Don't use your wrist too much. Ooops.. *grin*

FYI, I'm Not Coming.

I'm sooooo over those guys. Except if they magically appear in my front door singing Passera.

Best. Episode. Ever.

You read the title correctly, but sorry for the quality of the pic.

Conversation Over a Brunch Sort-Of.

Me: So, when can I treat you to Fischladen*?
Not me: Sometimes this week would be great..
Me: Weekend this week? No, I'm booked out.
Not me: No, I'm talking about during the week. You know that I will have some more free time when we start the walkout.
Me: *speechless*

Not me's a GdP, by the way. And his partner at work, a DPolG, had started to go on strike since last Friday. But if my broken german helped me once again, the trash will be gone by tomorrow. Or so to speak.

More on this topic.

*Fischladen is a code for us for Daniel Wischer, a fish restaurant. The best in town. By best, I mean BEST! Legendary, delicious, and vintage!


Charlie Hendrawan said...

btw itu will and grace minjem dari zentralbibliothek bukan ya? gw pernah minjem sekali tapi kaga bisa nyetel gara2 beda region, akhirnya gw balikin lagi dah...

Bie said...

Oh.. mungkin elo musti maenin pake player yang gak kenal region kali charl.. gue si maenin pake real med, bukan yang dateng bareng lappers gue.

tapi foto itu diambil dari layar tv temen gue, yang nyambung ke dvd player.

Gets said...

Lily itu siapa? Dan kenapa itu best episode? Apa karena ada anaknya Kwai Chang Cane? :D.. Btw, siapa tau mereka mengundang lo ke atas panggung dan nyanyiin Passera while holding your hand.. Huahahahak..

Bie said...

coba ya geegee.. pertanyaannya banyak banget. :)

Lily itu... my friend's friend's friend's boyfriend's dog. She was visiting only.. :(

Karena di episode itu giliran si Will yang dapet emotional breakdown dan kehilangan cool-nessnya. Sebenernya itu eps agak2 kulminasi sih soalnya gue geregetan ngeliat Will itu cool-headed banget.

Kalo ngundang ke atas panggung gue bakal bilang, thanks but no thanks because I'm soooo over you guys.. :p

Gets said...

jadi elo siapanya Lily? hahaha..

iya juga ya, tapi kan emang itu gunanya si Will, to be cool-headed dan didominasi oleh teman2nya.. hehehe..

boong banget..:D

Bie said...

Jadi.. lemme try. I am her master's friend's friend's friend's friend. Bener gak ya? :D Ini jadi kayak gosip Bachelor 8 deh..

teman2nya?? (baca: Grace)

bener banget.. :D