Thursday, February 09, 2006

redesign ... exclamation mark

It's official. I am about to pass out doing all the CSS thingy.. :) Haven't checked it in other browsers of course.. But I hope they're alright.

There's still two things in the code that still annoy me .. Until now, I haven't been able to find the solution or the logic. Mann, mann, mann.. I missed my lunch because of it for gosh sakes!

But anyway.. will try to look at it again tomorrow afternoon, after the performance in the morning.

Good night.

By the way, for a friend of mine that I had promised to redesign her blog, I'm sorry I haven't done anything. It's because since I'm not an artist artist, I dealt mostly with only retouching pictures and positioning them. And you know I only got your pictures in your (allegedly) worst form, right? :)

So.. How about if I made you the layout, and you do the coding? :)


Credo said...

Woohoo.. a new appearance.. While I, with my lazyness, keep on using the same almost-indifferent-from-the-real-template appearance.. :-s

Aaron said...

Heya Zakki, qute design. and it seems you are a good cooker as well. interesting combi, creative guy!

Gets said...

Actually my expectation was just that you do remember having promised me that. So you just live right to it. However, there ARE some good pictures of me in that pile you got, and it's OK to use them moderately. ;)

Although prêt-à-porter would be nice, you can work the template as far as you want to. Hehehe.. I think I can deal with the rest. One quick question, what is coding? :D

Bie said...

Aw, come on, Credo.. you have a career to build up on, of course you have less time than me.

Hey Aary.. Thanks and I am still trying to be one. So, fingers crossed!

Well, geegee, in that case I wouldv chosen the one-that-should-not-be-chosen in the first place. Huehehehe.. Coding is.. I'll tell you some other time in a more appropriate medium.