Friday, February 10, 2006

(dreaming of) travelling around the world in hamburg

Current thing in ear: That Howard Stern interview with John Paulus - study reading: too many too much! argh!

First, I will write this real quick and short, and I will give updates in a day or two as the event is still going on.

Every year, Hamburg holds an event called Reisen Hamburg which actually is an exhibition of travel. I'm not a traveller traveller, but it's nice to see what comprise the world besides me, you, and the people that we know. Of course, due to the fact that this is a travelling exhibition business, you will only get to see the glamorous, far much better sides of the parts, then the real thing.

So if you got the time, go visit Messehallen (U1 Stephansplatz, U2 Messehallen, or S-Bahn Dammtor) to check this thing out. While at it, be sure not to miss the Show-Bühne on:

Saturday, 3 PM
Sunday, 12 PM
Sunday, 3 PM

as I will be performing with my group. Look to the left (viewer's) side of the stage and there will be me. It is possible though that my performance will cruelly be cancelled in return of some Indonesian dances will be on stage. In that case, try to find me among the audience who, like other asians, will be busy taking pictures.

Don't miss it. Because our performance is usually followed by a tacky fashion show from Triumph showing their collection of swimwear and beach outfit for 2006. What you'll see on stage, will complement the tackiness.

See you lot there!

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