Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Oscar nominees

Current books read: Caution: Read Only Three Last Chapters of This the book previously known as Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix - expected TV program: Germany's Next Top Model, ProSieben, Mi. 20:15

Pretty blatant, heh? :D

First things first: I just found out that they are going to do only 3 song nominees. I am for Dolly Parton. Funny thing is, I always thought that this is the most totally OOT category of them all.

First funny things first: As I read the list, I was like, this is gonna win. He is. She is. It is. This one. Umm.. that one. Oh, I have to watch all the nominees to decide. Not interested in taking sides. That one. It's between this and that. :) Weird..

First surprising thing first: Memoirs of Geisha got some nods. Two things: it is surprising, or my ignorance of guild awards fruited this thing. :)

First stubborn thing first: Until I sat, watched, knew, experienced, enjoyed, cried to, laugh to, was touched by, was enriched by, or witnessed Brokeback Mountain, I wouldn't fully support it. But I think it deserves to sweep 'em all.

First jaw-dropping thing first: Wouldn't it be cool if Heath Ledger snatch it at the last minute just like Adrien Brody did? Cool..

First linguistic thing first: I know it's not out there. But before the Globes, I thought wunderkind was supposed to be pronounced woon-der-kin not won-der-kayn. Why didn't they pronounce kindergarten kayn-der-gar-ten, then?

Final things final: I am so behind this all Ho/uffman affair! Go you both!

Unrelated things: I wanna read TC Boyle's The Inner Circle!! Huwwaaa..

Sleep tight and don't let the frost bite.

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