Friday, February 10, 2006

American Idol 5 Contestant of the Week

On this season, Simon said that he found an Irish girl who he thinks should be the next american idol. He named noone. Paula on the other hand said in an interview (if I'm not mistaken with MTV News) that there are great male talents in this season, and girls will go apes on them. She, unlike Simon named names, which are Ace and Patrick. No last names.

I sat through the dreadful audition episodes just to check these three names out. Simon's girl, as far as I observed, wasn't shown. Paula's Ace, was hyped not only during American Idol episodes, but also on the internet. But for me, he was below expectation. Just be real here, he sang Westlife for audition, for crying out loud. Paula's Patrick was never shown.

Enter Hollywood week first episode. First shown was the southern girl with all the klonk-a-donk like Carrie Underwood, Kelly Pickler. Hell, if she would be the next American Idol, the Japanese will got more and more confused. Second shown was our first American Idol 5 contestant of the week.

Patrick HallMeet Patrick Hall.

Is this the Paula's Patrick? I hope so. Because, I will put his performance in one sentence: I have never been almost broken down to tears after hearing a song that lasted for only 33 seconds.

That is how beautiful his rendition of "If" was.

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