Monday, April 02, 2007

idol top 10

Tonight is kinda cool. Not cool for the performances and all, but simply because Gwen Stefani is there. Some hours before I watched the show, I watched an E! feature about Beyoncé and learned that she actually created an alter ego for herself called Sasha to perform on the stage. Sasha courageously flirts, twirls, shakes, well, pretty much does anything what we believe Beyoncé was doing.

So seeing Gwen Stefani tonight was kinda confirming. I really think now that Gwen on-stage is truly an alter ego. I mean look at how the way she speaks for God's sake. She's so articulate, cutesy, girly, and ... blonde.

How's the kids?

Hmm .. Melinda Doolittle vs Lakisha Jones showdown. Funny funny funny. Believe it or not, they both picked Donna Summers' songs. Thank God they were different ones, otherwise people will compare them both more and more and more. While typing "people", I was screaming, "Count me in!!", by the way.

Lakisha chose that song sung by Brenna Gethers in season 5. Melinda chose that song sung by Diana DeGarmo in season 3. Between the two, I like Lakisha better because ... (get this) she sang it better than Brenna. Ah, well. That's what happens when you picked previously-sung songs, girls.

I kinda regret that I decided to watch Peter Petrelli's hair rather than Sanjaya Malakar's. His hair tonight was awesome. Well, yes, of course it was very costume-y and all, but awesome. It was so roman. Meaning, it reminds me a lot to that brush the romans use on their helmets. And I'm all about roman accessories. (BTW, I'm still looking for a pair of roman sandals. Please let me know if you see a pair.)

Grouping themselves to suckdom tonight were Haley Scarnato and Chris Sligh. Personally I believe it's time time time for Haley to go home. Again, if she survives this one, I will really expose my urge to meet her fanbase. Unbelieavable. But it's 100% okay if Chris Sligh is the one actually going home. You know what, he's been weeks and weeks being told that he was never on-beat. And last night, I witness it, FINALLY! Why he chooses that song with the funny beat, I will never know.

I said previously that Phil Stacey needed a fashion advice. His fashion was kinda OK tonight. He has therefore a bit more oomph and coolness. A bit. Fashion-wise. BUT then he needs make-up advice. His make up definitely never heard of HDTV-ready. Ouch.

Speaking of make-up, I love love love Blake Lewis's hair tonight. I wish I could pull it off. But problem is, I don't have Blake's jaw and Blake's wider head. And my hair is thinning. Cue the tears.

Chris Richardson and Jordin Sparks have No Doubt in their minds. I like it and I don't really like it, respectively. Chris (again) reminds us of last season's Elliott Yamin's coolness by rearranging "Don't Speak" to an R&B joint kinda thing. While Jordin reminds us how Paris Bennett was praised last season when she sang Beyoncé, but both performances (Jordin's and Paris's) have no appeal on me, actually. I don't know. Maybe 17-something female contestant will never be found appealing for me.

Oh, by the way. I need to squeeze some thoughts in this blog rather than just idol idol idol. I mean, really. It's not like that I'm obsessed or something .. is it?


mellyana said...

no, you're not obsessed. really. see, it's only...let me two three four...oh blimey... number of articles wrote in this blog is not appropriate to say that you're obsessed :))

Credo said...

Haa, sama dong dengan aku. Me with my split personality as: NDC and Credo. Ohh, and my other-almost-lost-personality as Andy.

Nauoon deui. Khekhheke..

Eh, what do you mean by Gwen as blonde? Well, I do think that she didn't give any useful advice..

Bie said...

melly: Iya sih .. what's on one's blog doesn't really describe whether one's obsessed. It's what happens outside my blog that concerns me. Hehehe..

NDC: Hmm .. gue sih sampe sekarang masih menyangka kalo alter ego itu secara sadar diciptakan oleh orangnya, kalo split personality gak secara sadar. Agak2 gangguan jiwa lah. Tapi elo lolos psikotes BI, ya? :)

Credo said...

Sial.. :D