Wednesday, April 18, 2007

a little bit country - idol top 7

I was wondering how American Idol would have gone tonight. With the massacre and all, and I kinda think that it's everything that people talk about, feel about, occupy their minds with. And we are gonna cheer exuberantly in a matter of minutes just for the sake of it?

Deepest condolences to the affected of the tragedy. One Indonesian student is a victim, FYI. But I guess you all know that by now.

I'm glad, that I finally get a chance to see who Martina McBride is. Carrie Underwood notes her as her most favouritest influentialest country singer. So since I thought Carrie is kinda an awesome country singer, "How awesome is Ms McBride?", I asked myself. Superawesome is the word.

Is there still a head-to-head battle between Melinda Doolittle and Lakisha Jones to see? Hmm .. The drama that may accompany such battle may have been dwindling in the past few weeks. I think Melinda has successfully become the David of the battle, had this been a battle between David and Goliath (come to think of it, voice wise, I think it's been the battle between Goliath and Goliath. Voice wise guys, voice wise..).

Melinda keeps doing smart decisions. Period. And I got back to thinking that during that first performance of Lakisha ever, it was the song that kinda carried her through.

Today, while Lakisha was struggling to [insert word which means opposite of to tame] that Carrie Underwood's song, Melinda manages to give us another performance that reminds us why she is Melinda Doolittle. This is country night, but it feels like Aretha night, or Gladys night (oh, the pun) or other soulful female singers. Awesome job, Melinda.

Speaking about turning country to their own, Blake Lewis also sings pretty well. And that pretty jumper is so pretty. I wonder what else I can write to accommodate the word pretty again. Pretty face?

Coming back from sucky Latin night are Jordin Sparks and Phil Stacey. Wait. Jordin didn't suck last week.. Hmm.. And I stood by Phil last week too. It was only the night that sucked big time. Hehehe..

But anyway, some weeks ago, Randy said that Jordin might be the most improved contestant. And I agree to that tonight, because her lower register is great now. And her performance is really enjoyable to watch. Not Melinda enjoyable, but still, enjoyable. And she took fashion advice from Uli Herzner, I think.

Now Phil. I hope he stays for another week. I thought this was his time to go. And I was ready to let go. I kinda have to find a rebound contestant to rebound to, though (and I think I found it in Jordin), but then, he performs really well. But if he doesn't go home tomorrow, I think ....

Chris Richardson is gonna go home. Now Chris is affected. As a Virginia resident. I'm sure he is, outta all the contestants, affected the most by the tragedy. He got this, I-don't-wanna-be-here face. Or I-don't-care-with-what-you-are-saying-Simon gesture. And I-wanna-go-see-my-friends-ASAP look. Heck, his voice even shakes when he speaks after the performance.

I still don't know how affected he is, but my heart goes with you, Chris.

Now. Sanjaya Malakar. Hmm .. One thing: I have been trying shamelessly and very hard (believe me) to try to pull off a look using a bandana (or some people call it, mandana) on my head. If it takes a hair like you to be able to successfully pull it off, OK, enough trying for me.

Lakisha is in danger. But I'm afraid it's gonna be Chris.

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