Sunday, April 08, 2007

the birth of Sanjayuniverse - idol top 9

I think Randy Jackson should (have) be(en) my favourite judge on American Idol. Not because of the things that he says, but because how influential he is in my way of life. Well, not life per se, but I remember clearly that I talked to my friends abusing the words baby, dawg, a'ight, you know, all those Randyism.

That's all in the past now. Locked safe in the vault, properly labeled "What was I thinking?".

But these days, Randyism is kinda showing his naked face back to my life. It's something that Randy said in the last show though. When he implied that he wouldn't comment on Sanjaya Malakar's vocals anymore.

Same thing happens to me. And later on I find out to one of my friends. As to think who would go home each episode, I have already counted out Sanjaya. Eh? Yeah, I think he will be there week after week after week.

I thought Phil Stacey would have gone home tonight. I was ready to bawl like a friend losing a friend, but no, Gina Glocksen went home. So I can only bawl like a cheated lover. OK, strike that "only".

Phil and Gina and Haley Scarnato, the bottom three were indeed the worst performers of the night. But I really think that Gina was the best and Phil was the worst. What's with Haley? She keeps hanging by a thread for another week. This time she brought her ultimate weapon though: her fiance! Mother of God.

Melinda Doolittle, how're you? Lakisha Jones, how're you? They're both doing pretty very well, still. Are they peaking too early? I am kinda afraid they are. One of them will be voted off in the top 4. The curse will be back. I'm getting superstitious. Do superstitious thing on this week if you want to keep them in the competition.

Chris Richardson plays his funky card. Still like him. Still hoping that he can do well regardless the outcome of the idol. Not really sure about that hat, though..

Jordin Sparks sings grandly. By grand I mean cabaret. But Paula was right. She is a lot of fun. I think she can be my new Gina for the rest of the season, then.

I kinda enjoy the first performance by Blake Lewis. And I kinda have no comment further because I kinda forget how it went, and my back kinda hurt because I stretched my back muscle a bit too far when I practiced serving today.

So. Try to like Monday tomorrow!

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Credo said...

I've picked Jordin as my fave since Stephanie's farewell.. :D Apart from Melinda ya.

And I don't know, I'm kinda rooting for Haley (sympathetic action?) and want her to perform well. I'm happy for her since her 'Tell Him' in the British Invation Night (or you prefer "The Night of the Right Song Choice")
Go Haley!! :D