Wednesday, April 25, 2007

white rubber band as dress code - idol top 6

Will you watch the result show, oops, I mean Idol gives back tomorrow? If you will, there will be a certain dress code that you need to oblige. You need to accessorize yourself minimally with a white rubber band. It doesn't really matter whether you wear it on your right or left hand, as long as you have one attached to it.

At least that is what the contestants did tonight. And the judges. I'm not sure about Ryan Seacrest since unlike Clark Kent sans glasses, I don't have infra-red vision. But one thing for sure: I can't remember whether Lakisha Jones wears one or not. Hmm...

OK. Let's play one-word correlation thingie. I'm gonna write something, and then I'm gonna write the first word coming to my mind. Yes, I'd like to play with myself. Not a big secret, don't you think?

First. Blake Lewis. Bland.

Lakisha Jones. Out.

Phil Stacey. Woohooo (is that a word?)

Melinda Dolittle. As always.

Jordin Sparks. Last note.

Last. Chris Richardson. Yeah, baby.

I have an extra white rubber band. Somebody needs one?


mellyana said...

bloody indovision. it was off last night. i am soooo mad. have to watch later this weekend... grrrrrhhhhh

Mike said...

Never fond of Lakisha. Is it two hour result show?

Bie said...

@melly: that is like my worst nightmare. Because in order to catch the 5 pm show, I have to ditch a lot of things first ...

NDC said...

Ahh.. Jordin :x

Khekhekee.. T'was an 'E' if I really got it right. The note, I mean..

i'd like that extra white-rubber-band if still available :D I'd have my own performance a la Idol Gives Back then.. for my self, khekhekhe..