Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I am not destined to be a photographer, even in the level of a blogger

Current music in ear: I Got You by Anthony Federov

Last weekend I was in Berlin. One of the best weekends that I got to spend visiting new places, meeting new people, and throw myself in a 100% German-speaking community (where're the guts come from?!). So after a blast of 3 full days of speaking and listening (seriously, because there's only Die Drei ??? Hörbücher in the mp3 player), I have to say that I regret it the most that I realized that I left my camera in the apartment on the second day I was there.

The second day, was the best out of the three of 'em. Goin out to a place named Strandbad Wannsee where you can take a dip to swim on the lake, or like some Europeans looking at my brown skin green-eyed-ly, lie down in the sun. The attraction of the lake is the slides located somewhere in the end of the swimming area. Only about 3 meters high, sliding down that thing brought a memory of how I love nature and longed of bathing in a lake.

Swimming back and forth to the slides also concluded something: I have to start swimming regularly. Again! Because I nearly drowned of the third time swimming back to the shallow area, eventhough it was only 50 m long! Gosh..

Anyway, this whole camera affair is still hanging around me, but I hope not for a longer time. Remember the whole Prague thingie? Or the time that I finally had a ride on top of Kohlbrandbrücke? Or the first time I went to the new Hamburger Dom? Or the day I finally had a chance to take an Alsterrundfahrt? Yep! That all went without a single picture because I left my camera somewhere.

Now it's added up to, "Remember Strandbad Wannsee?" Yup. That's the day when I left my camera. Again.

Conclusions, anyone?

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Credo said...

Hohoho.. fotonya lucu :p