Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Genius is in the House

Current music in ear: various - expected TV program: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, some time in September!!! - watched dvd: none, but did Desperate Housewives marathon

Ve-heeerryyy genius. That's what I said right after I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You know, the story of Charlie Bucket's journey through a Chocolate Factory captured my heart as I grow up. And it is just such a pleasure to see its remake in 2005. And it was so amazing that a genius is working for it.

The genius that I am talking about is Danny Elfman. Eventhough he cut some of Dahl's evil words, Elfman did a very very very good job in composing all of the oompah loompah's song. For me, Danny Elfman, who started to be one of my movie composers to be remembered as he wrote music for Spider-man, has written a very... 2005-ishly appropriate. Hehehe..

And surprisingly, as I watched Desperate Housewives marathon this weekend, I met again with this genius. For me, things like this always happened. Like when I heard Tomorrow (from musical Annie) five times in only two days from three different medias, undeliberately. JO! in cidence.


Credo said...

Hooo.. so you watched Charlie (Hi, K'Charlie ^_^) and The Chocolate Factory. I want to watch it also. Still waiting for it in Indo cinemas. Or is it already in'em? I should've checked it first (heh, you know always-late-to-know-me :p)

Bie said...

Iya.. tonton geura.. Di apa itu namanya? CiWalk ya.. Tapi gue juga gak tau dah ada ataw belom. (gak guna banget sih komen gue ini.. :p)

Credo said...

Hey hey.. Already watched it ^_^ And yes, in Ciwalk.

Check out my review on that film :p