Thursday, August 18, 2005


Current want to read book: Specimen Days (Michael Cunningham, 2004)

Rodrigo is one of the winners!!! Hurrah!!

But this means that I have to install the Y!Messenger with voice then.. Sigh. Let's see..


Mike said...

why bothers? my computer do not compatible with the emoticons. Hehehehehe.

Credo said...

yey, the previously-new-emoticon-to-be that I voted for is also one of the new emoticon =D>

Bie said...

yang mana sih pilihannya.. yang telepon itu ya.. hehehehe.. lupa lagi sih.. :p

Credo said...

Yep.. Yg On The Phone... soalnya emang pengalaman.. susah ngetik bilangin: "bentar ya, ada yg nelpon" :p