Saturday, September 02, 2006

somewhat nature boy

Current books read: About a Boy. Finished!

I'd really like to start the story with a solemn hymn with words like, "There was a boy. A very strange and enchanted boy." But it's been taken, right? And the boy I'm talking about, wasn't really enchanted. He's more like ... cursed. :)

He had an ongoing shaky relationship with his hair. One day he loved it to death, another day, it felt like he should let it all go.

He was once contemplating if which cities he should be living in, based on the fact which city had the best water to nurture his oh-so-very sensitive hair.

He successfully made peace with himself that he had to say goodbye to all of them anyway one day. On that day, there would only be two choices: be happy about it, or be very happy about it.

But until that day comes, he wished that he could cherish moments like this a little bit longer. :)

I hope that answered this question sort of. :)

[Honestly, I am more than less uncomfortable to publish myself posing while someone took my picture. This entry was made just because.]


Gets said...

from now on..pkonya klo rambut gue ngga asik lagi bentuknya, pasti akan gue potong.. I realized that my hair is one thing that I can try to stay in good form of for almost all the time..

as for your case, unless you want the Afro-look, your hair is just fine.. heheh.. maksud gue, curly kan lbh nyusahin.. well, I don't know about fluffiness or such issue but I think it'd look better if it's shorter than the one on those pics of yours.. y'know, relating to the character of your face and all..

don't you think?..;D

Bie said...

shit. this is what I got from editing pictures on lappers... the colors are auw!