Friday, August 25, 2006

on dates or something like it

Current books read: About a Boy by Nick Hornby. I told you so. - watched dvd: STOMP out loud. Amazing!!

Know what, having a date is like picking the right grooming product. It can smell good, look good, feel good, and appropriate for you .. But leave you in the morning with an iffy feeling and sure that it's best to call it off. At least that what happened to my last date shampoo picking.

I need one promptly. Because apparently, I have left one in my hotel room in Heidelberg. Mine was a Haut und Haar (Skin and Hair) product from Adidas. I always kinda worry everytime that I picked a 'this and that' grooming products. Shampoo and conditioner? Never bought one. But this Adidas thingie is so provocating. First it is said that it was developed with athletes. (WOW). Second, it smells good .. I mean sportily good. It can be a great weapon to combat my after-gym-hour sweat.

So I bought one. And also another one from Nivea with a gimmick saying it contains Aloe Vera.

I brought the Adidas bloke to Switzerland. But as I said, I left it in the bathroom in the hotel in Heidelberg. Unintentionally. Because yesterday I needed to hit the gym, I brought the Nivea bloke to my gym. I used both to wash my hair and skin.

The Adidas bloke is nice. Smells good. As I said previously, it is sporty and active without being over-the-top manly. It feels good. Soft, soothing and non-sticky. Produces enough bubble for the hair, and skin. The problem is, like other Adidas shower gel, it's too fluid. I think the engineers in Adidas did this on purpose .. you know, to let us finish it quickly. :( My hair, which is super spoiled and has dandruff, had no problems with it. It survived until the next hair-washing without without me scratching my hair and letting some pseudo-snow fall on my shoulders. Ew!

Enter the Nivea bloke. The one with Aloe Vera. Unlike the blue Adidas, it comes in a green color. I think it's for the sake of Aloe Vera. It's less fluid than the Adidas. Smells softer (but still sportively soothing). Good amount of bubble. The packaging, though, is not as good as Adidas bloke.

Then came this morning. This morning, I woke up with a terrible itch on my head. ITCH! OUCH! The itch was felt like an I-am-allergic-to-your-cat itch than I-need-to-change-my-undie itch. So I knew right away. It must have been the Nivea bloke. I rewash my hair with another shampoo and thank God, the itch was gone.

It was hard and awkward though. I know that we can't be together again. Well perhaps we still can be together, but I won't take it with me to my gym, to the pool, to the squash arena, or to other places where I need to bring only one bottle of grooming products to the shower room. It will still stand still in my bathroom though, because of Aloe Vera? Last time I heard it's still good for the skin as well. But not the skin up there on my head.

You will be missed, sweets!


Gets said...

huehue.. you do have a nice hair that you should take care.. tp kasian banget si aloe vera, you should let her/him know that she/he is not your first choice anymore.. it's a lot easier than telling that to a real person whom you date, though..

Credo said...
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Credo said...

hehehe.. salah ngepost comment. Mestinya di entry yg satu lagi :p

(Ntahapahapa comment yg ini)

Biar agak nyambung dikit: Poor Nivea.. *sob*