Wednesday, August 16, 2006

yeah, i do have lips. but they're not servicing anybody right now.

Current books read: How to be Good by Nick Hornby. Hell yea, I'm gonna have a Nick Hornby decathlon!

I hate lip service. I hate them. Hate them. If they were alive and doing annoying stuff exactly like mosquitos flying around the house, they would have been gone the first time I heard the buzzing of their wings.

I hate the fact when people say something like, "It's been great! We should do this again some other time.." It doesn't mean that we will do this another time. I mean why can't people just say that stuff when they really mean it? And when they don't feel it, or they don't really mean it, they should have just kept quiet.

"Nice to meet you.. Have a save drive home." is enough. There is no harm done to the other party believing that there would be another time. Gosh ..

I think the reason that I hate lip service is (1) I'm not a good lip service people. Sweet talk and such fail me. When people ask me where I was coming from (a typical Indonesian lip service), I would have rambled on saying things that I did some hours before, rather than, "Home." or "School." And if the place I visited is embarrasing or is not interesting enough, I always came up with something like, "Well, you know .. around .. the thing is that I don't have so many task this week, so .. you know .. around .." Doh!

(2) I'm (still) too naive. I (still) believe in things that people say to me are the truth, even far away from a white lie. So it's been fun and I'll call you soon for me means that it was fun, and they will call me soon. And soon means soon. Not two months soon and so on.

(3) I think positively, in a way of taking things that are advantageous to me. That made me thinking that .. OK .. we're having a good time .. we can do this some other time and so on.

So when on a certain occasion people say, "I'll send you a message." or "We can chat during the week." or "I got your number, so don't fret." And none of those shoulda woulda coulda things happen .. It is time to say ...

.... lip service should go to hell.

Or is it only me being 26? ;)


Gets said...

Lg pundi ama siapa si?..hehe.. tp apa hub nya dengan 26?.. klo gue sih, gue marahin aja lah.. hihi..

Bie said...

eh .. gak pundi sih .. cuman lagi bertanya2 aja.. huehehee..

abis semenjak konser tahun berapa itu yang gue menari2, gue jarang percaya lagi kalo ada orang bilang, "Wah .. bagus ya.." as a lip service dsb dst.

Gets said...

kok ngga percaya? kan emang elo nya bagus.. klo gue kadang lebih mending digituin drpd lgsg dihina.. heuheuuhe.. kan udah susah2 gitu lho..

Bie said...

jarang percaya .. kalo ├╝ber-flattering ya percaya-percaya aja. heuheuehue..