Thursday, December 22, 2005


I swear to God, I will not use any winter dot com innuendos this year. OMG, what have I done??! Hehehe..

In a spirit of welcoming winter (that's yesterday, December 21st).

About two years ago, as I first arrived in Hamburg, and my first winter started, a friend of mine asked another friend a quite cute question: "How is the correct way to wear a scarf, actually?". The question is superbly cute, because for me, as a proud tropical person, having one scarf at home is just too many. And if having one is too many, how one supposed to know how to wear them?

I owned one, just because I had to buy one for my choir inauguration (and it was soon drenched to dirts, shit). But nevertheless, the european-style-wear is something that we want to wear at least once in a lifetime. That's why my choir insisted in wearing Mütze and scarf in the middle of rather cold summer, and I insisted to wear scarf as I and my high school buds visited a mountain in central Java whose name I'd forgotten.

Back to the question, to be honest, I came here with no clue either on how to wear a scarf. But it's just how fashion is. There is no correct and incorrect. I think, there's only fabulous and herrendous, after a trial and error process. That's what primping is for. Hello...? I don't know bout the real deal, though.

A recent campaign to support the national football team by T-Com (I really think it is a T-Com ad) took my full attention. Normally, the campaign is only showing peeps in line with the national team, while wearing the Trikot (team uniform), accompanied with words like, "Seien Sie dabei!" (Be there!) and so on.

This winter, they introduced an ad that kept me looking for minutes after I saw it the first time, simply because the people are wearing scarves! And they wear it in a 100 (hyperbolic) different ways! Oh, I hope I can show here how it is, but haven't been succeeding in finding the online version.

Until this moment though, I am still not sure whether it was campaign sponsored by T-Com or not, as there are LOTS of campaign like that here.

The funny thing is: This ad (the one that I saw) was put as a big large wide banner on a building nearby Hauptbahnhof. So you can imagine how I looked like looking at it and being captivated for some minutes. Gosh, what a dork!

So, a friend who was asking-the-question-but-I'm-sure-that-you-have-forgotten-already-that-you-asked-it, you can wear it differently. Try wearing one way each day. Go wintry!

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