Thursday, December 29, 2005

index, middle and ring

Index finger

This is Thursday. I'm supposed to be whining complaining trashing dissing reviewing last night episode of DSDS. That thing comes in a word:

extremely dissappointingly excruciatingly painfully worthless!

That's not even a word. And I'm stretching out my right hand to show my index, middle and ring finger while I'm saying it, if you know what I mean. I didn't even know how worse things are gonna get. And I really can't think how the jury can sleep at night. Come on, you lot!! Get real!!


Index and middle fingers

I should get something to eat or cook to eat. But the thing is, it's been snow-showering the whole day, and I'm at a friend's and I only have my keds with me. I don't wanna wet them and catch cold. So maybe I'll stay in and got starving.


Index, middle, and ring fingers

Who is this gal? One word for you, babe: Drool!!

That's three.

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Credo said...

siapa tuh?