Sunday, December 18, 2005

realitily really real

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I really really really realitily took a beating this past two weeks. And as I thought that I am the only one who's having it, I have to re-think those thoughts, as I read the welcome message in one of virtual communities out there: "Thank God! The Finale week is over!" If they were headlines that kept taking the air outta my lungs, they would sound more or less like this.

1. Cindy and the Car Curse. Survivor: Guatemala the Mayan Empire, finale minus one episode.

At final 5, Cindy is my second favorite to be the winner. I want Danni. But realitily, Danni and Cindy is so unlikely to be the final 2. Cindy won the car, she can get rid of it and the curse, and at the same time, she had the chance to give other 4 people a car. She didn't do it.

A heated debate on shoulda or shoulda not was sparked. Glad that Danni was still there.

2. Brenda Failed the Finals. The X Factor, semi final.

I thought Andy is a clear bootee in the semi final. However, Sharon was right. The four of them deserve to be in the final. They are all much better than other singing competition's final four I had ever witnessed. They are all talented, unique, style-wise polished, and just great. Brenda pulled out the lowest number of votes, and she somewhat blamed the teenage girls who (of course) voting for Shayne or Journey South.

3. Danni Wins Survivor 11. Survivor: Guatemala the Mayan Empire, finale.

Another favorite of mine wins their season edition of something. I am not bragging. I just like her. My least favorite person of the season was sitting in the final two. I simply thought that she was brought there to be easily defeated. And the result of the votes clearly showed it.

A heated (eventhough it was stupid) debate of whether she is a pawn (of course she is) was sparked.

4. Early Spoiler Proved Right Once Again. The Amazing Race: Family Edition, finale.

As I stated before, I will only watch some interesting episodes on this season of The Amazing Race. First because I was spoiled. Second because it was oh-so unbelievably boring. I should watch the finale though, because it will determine whether or not I will keep my promise to someone.

The spoiler was right. And the only right thing to do, is keeping my promise to someone. Sorry, ex-mate.

But I just realize that Wally Bransen is much more handsome that I remember. No wonder he got three really hot daughters..

5. Luca Kicked Out DSDS. Deutschland Sucht den Superstar, top 10 boys show.

Just read this entry.

6. Randal Rejects Rebecca. The Apprentice 4, finale.

Oh, nooo.. No no no.. After the nightmare of The Apprentice 2, any show that has Donald Trump actively participating is a big no no for me. But hearing that Randal is the best contestant the show ever had, and Rebecca is the most dedicated person there ever be, and The Apprentice is actually the reality show with the most brilliant concept there is, I gotta get some nostalgic moment when the finale was so scandalous.

Here's how it went. Donald Trump was clearly torn between hiring Randal or Rebecca. In the end, Randal came out as a winner judging from his previous performances, while Rebecca was proving everyone that she just deserved everything. What did the Donald do?

He hires Randal, and asked him, whether he should also hire Rebecca.


Come on, mate! I still clearly remember the night he fired Pamela (one of my favorites of second season) simply because the team lost $10 or something. In percentage, the team lost less than 1% of the income.

If the rules were clear for Pamela, why should it be different now for Rebecca? And furthermore, if he would have bent the rules, why should he ask Randal about it?

Controversy purpose? Simply can be..

7. Eight Messy Semi-finalists. DSDS, top 10 girls show.

Now I can remember why I was so hesitant about writing about the girls. It is simply because they are mediocre, even if being compared to the already mediocre guys. Except for Vanessa and Meri, they performed unpolished, amateurish, and completely utterly messy. I don't even care if that is not even a sentence. Because what they have given me, is totally not a performance.

Thank God, Meri was voted through. Her performance deserved a much better spot rather than cocky but ugly (performance, not the lass) Lena, shaky Carolina, average Anna-Maria, standard Sharyan, and corny Dascha.


8. Shayne from Manchester Wins The X Factor. The X Factor, finale.

Hmm.. At least his first milestone got covered. Can't wait for his first album.

9. To Dieter Bohlen: What Did You Watch Before You Jury on DSDS?

Something like: "It can't get better than that.." Simon Cowell on Latoya London's week 1 performance on American Idol (AI) season 3 finals.

Something like: "Great way to start it off.." Randy Jackson on Vonzell Solomon's performance, on week 1 performance on AI 4 semi-finals.

Something like: "No-one can open the show better.." Dieter Bohlen on Nevio Passaro as he pulled his I-sound-like-Ronan-Keating act, as the first act of DSDS 3 semi-finals.

and ..

sorta: "I just can't believe that someone hasn't discovered you yet." Randy Jackson to Carrie Underwood after her week 1 AI 4 semi-finals performance.

sorta: "I'm confused that no-one had ever discovered you." Dieter Bohlen to Mike Leon Grosch after his week 1 DSDS 3 semi-finals performance.

and get this..

more or less: "In the second life, I wanna come back as your microphone." Simon Cowell to Amanda Avila after her week 1 AI 4 semi-finals performance.

more or less: "I wish I were your microphone." Dieter Bohlen to Meri Voskanian after her week 1 DSDS 3 semi-finals performance.

Four words, Dieter: It is getting old.

Phew.. Glad I got that all out of my chest. Now I can really chat about something real during christmas parties. Wait, I thought they were all called reality TV.. So they are real.. Hmm..

Go have an ass-kicking Christmas week, mate!

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