Tuesday, December 27, 2005

my cousin vinnie (as if)

Current books read: something about photoshop that I can't name the title - expected TV program: DSDS, RTL, Mi. 21:15 - watched dvd: The Return of the King extended version

This is just so appropriate. I am a bit euphoric about something vintage nowadays. Sadly, my wardrobe is far far from anything vintage, so I only kept drooling at designs and reading materials.

The funny thing is, exactly when I started to consider vintage as a look, H&M, creating a so-called vintage line called Picked by H&M, is selling second-hand clothes and call that collection vintage. I took a look, some of them are vintage enough, but not cheap enough. Better hunting in a real flea market, methinks.

Anyway, today I spent the night chatting with one of my good friends, and surprise, unconsciously we were chatting about something so vintage. Santa Barbara soap opera. Oh. Dear. Lord. One topic of the soaps lead to another, and now I got some reading materials on hand.

But seriously.. Look at the hair, the outfit, the graphic, the plot of the story.. So eff-ing vintage!

Vintage (in the mean time) rules!

Enjoy the rest of the holiday..

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