Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Current books read: Shopaholic and Sister by Sophie Kinsella - expected TV program: DSDS; Recall 2 - watched dvd: Georges Bizet's Carmen

There was a time, when I was more or less like a parody of any TV show that I liked. Or a realization from lines from series, magazine articles, advertisements, radio show, movie, or something else. I talked to my monitor. TV monitor as I watched programs or computer monitor as I played games.

I've been out of that considered-as-bad habit for a year. A year and a half. It starts when I dont watch TV because I dont have one. And elevated while I watched movie more seldom and play less emotionally attached games. Starcraft for example. :)

But all the glory of screaming, talking, pouting, booing, "say what?"-ing to TVs are redecorating my life now. Thanks to DSDS and their I-still-cant-find-where-their-competence-lies jury.

Let's prove my point tomorrow. As it will show us how they picked the top 10 boys and gals.

PS: I am seriously having a problem. And this reeeeally creeps me out. I kept typing wrong. In chat or in anything. People don't notice it because as soon as it happened, I corrected them. What's wrongggggg??? As I writing this entry, I kept typing s as d. Weirrrdd...

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