Wednesday, December 28, 2005

post king-kong-watching rant

Current music in ear: Anything by Shayne Ward except his new single, LOL - watched movie: King Kong

Following up this occasion here, I write an entry in order to answer this entry made by Charlie. (Paling enak emang ngomentarin blognya Charlie. Topiknya selaluuu pas yang lagi ada di pikiran gue)

I quit the habit of sending out greetings cards like 10 years ago. Not because of lack the time, lack the budget, or lack the intention. But simply because lack of personal thingie.

I obsessively believe in bieourself. So greetings card from me must be: uniquely made by me, personally written by me, or selected properly for the person getting it. Each and every one of them. So it is clear how exhausting it is being me sending out greetings. In one of my close cirle's language: kecentilan.

The next burden is people keep complaining like, "Why did't I get one?", "Why are you sending that to her?" and so on, that made me say, "OK, you all won't get any. Ever. HUAHAHAHA.." I added the laugh just now. From that day on, except for my really close long friends, I never sends greetings anymore.

This year, I thought a bit about becoming a bit of a bit better person by maintaining personal relationships. Previously I couldn't care less about it. Sounds cruel, but it's the truth. So maybe sending out greetings can be a small step since there is this mass production thingie.

I started with knocking up a christmas electronic version card, which came out so girly so that I sent it only to people who's OK with getting it from me or for them. To almost all of them I said that it was mass-produced, and offer my apology for that.

One reply was read: Eventhough it was mass-produced, it is a good one, and how can it be mass produced if it got my name on it?

I replied, because I sent like 7 seven (yes, only seven, how pathetic) identical cards and only wrote the greetings.. He replied, it is NOT mass-produced. You wrote each and every single of them uniquely, right? I said, well, yes, because I felt soooo uncomfy of leaving it exactly the same. I even got so uncomfortable by having the same design for all of them.

We settled on the fact that it was not mass-produced. Because some part of it was not done in a three way that Charlie offered. Oh, as a bonus due to the difference in the greetings, of course I have to make the message one by one.

However, I disagree strongly by saying greetings in mailing lists is considered mass-produced. Sending it to mail-list is more like giving out an acceptance speech on Oscar night. It wasn't meant to be personally sent to someone. It is more like.. "Hi.. I'm wishing everyone here a merry christmas", unlike, "Hi.. I'm wishing you a very merry X-mas.." Get the idea?

If a message came to me and sounds like: "Hey, you! Merry X-mas and Happy New Year! Have a great one next year!" and I found out that it was sent by a send to all feature (which I mostly did), I seriously would not take it seriously, and never have the obligation to say thanks or reply.

That's why I rarely receive any congrats anyway. :)

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