Wednesday, December 14, 2005

a half an hour melancholy. huahahahah..

You know what? Sometimes when I have questions about life, I really don't know who to turn to to get answers. The sometimes in the beginning of the sentence relates to the having questions about life. Most of the times when it struck me, I will try to find the answers on my own, through any power that I have.

Sometimes the answers then fall directly on my lap. Sometimes it jumped out of a screen that I was watching. Sometimes it can be drawn from the characters that I was reading. Sometimes it blows through words uttered by a friend.

But regardless, it is only because that I am not that such a person. I mean questioning questions of life. Again, but, because I am a person, questions like that sooner or later will come out.

One of the biggest questions that I had (and it is answered, but altered most of the times) is "Is there any limitations of bieourself? I mean be yourself. :p" This questions bring some other chains of questions like "Is being yourself a selfish deed?". Or "How will you find someone who's trying to be someone that they're not?". Or "Is your life really only for you?".

At the moment, I always say that it is 100% times 100% (this kind of hyperbole gets you nowhere :D) OK to be yourself. I'm approaching it as a more take it or leave it attitude. But however, that is not exactly what I'm doing most of the time.


This masquerade is getting older.
- Take a Bow, performed by Madonna.

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