Thursday, December 15, 2005

in my oh so very humble opinion, it's the combination of nervousity, technical problems, and lack of airtime

Current watched TV program: DSDS, of course

There are no secrets now that Gian-Luca (since yesterday he was only called Luca) was kicked out of last night's DSDS. Yes, he is my #1 favorite and got kicked out. :p

If I were voting and he were not my favorite, I also would have not been voting him to keep. He was terrible last night. TERRIBLE. And what can I say, he deserved it. He entered the stage with so many times touching his feed earphone, simply because he was nervous, or the feed was not working properly.

He started the song too early and was directly off-beat. And seeing the judges so far, they reacted more to off-beat than off-key. And I think, viewers would react the same way. Performance-wise, his voice still got the best tone and he was one of the few who sang on-key.

Too bad, he did the most fatal mistake.

Daniel Munoz, on the same case, also made a fatal mistake. Despite all of his uncomfortable moves and latino image, he chose a difficult rangy song How Deep is Your Love?. And he sucked in singing low notes. However, he was safe.

I wasn't surprised, though.
This brings to the fact that he, along with other safe contestants, has had enough airtime to secure himself in the hearts of viewers. The three bootees have actually the least airtime. Luca was shown singing once, Markus once, and Julian was never. Remember Melinda Lira, Aloha Mischeaux and Judd Harris? You got the point.. To his advantage, Daniel had been shown uncountably and even has a developing story with Carolina.

Overall, the show was ... dull. No-one really shone out, many of them were just imitations from the original version. Nevio (I really like bashing this lad) was a Ronan Keating wannabe. Stephan was Nick Carter (of BSB, if you're wondering. That's Backstreet Boys, if you're wondering) wannabe. Almost all of them played so so so very safe and preditable. And it's just getting boring after the 5th performance.

Except Tobias, no-one really had 100% control of their songs and performance. I think in average they only had 70% control. Everybody except Tobias and Didi was so nervous and uptight. None of them looked like having fun up there, and that made everything dull.

How to light up the show? By introducing a scandal of course. After being declared safe, the notary had to go up to the stage to correct Marco Schreyl that Markus was actually kicked out, and Stephan was actually (surprisingly to everyone including himself) safe. That's right. The host announced the result wrong. Boo!

Hahhh.. regardless...

Go Shayne!! Oops. He is in a different but alike show. :D

Best performance: Tobias
Worst performance: Gian-Luca
Safest performance: Nevio
Best surprise: Julian sounds great

Best of the bootee: Julian
Thank God he was kicked-off: Markus
Best possible drama queen title winner rather than Fabian: Stephan

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Anonymous said...

Mike is the best one!! and I'll win!