Wednesday, December 07, 2005

... and then there were seventeen ...

Watched TV: Desperate Housewives, Season 2, Eps 9-10

You know, as I was a child, a teenager, and in my early twenties, I never had a favorite time-of-the-year.

I have a birthday in January, yes, but January hasn't been my favorite month. Indonesia has holidays somewhere in July-August. I had never been über-excited about those months.

But on TV, and from what I learned from other cultures, people kept pumping that December, or as they say holiday season, is actually the best time of the year. Because it may mean, Christmas is coming.

After I live in Europe for two years, I know exactly what my best time of the year is. It's the summer. It can be guaranteed that I can get the darker complexion that I always wanted, I can wear shorts, tees, shades, and thongs like all the time. The footwear, not the swimwear or the underwear. The swimwear or underwear.. well, maybe a couple of times. NOT!

But this year last week, summer got a real contender.

It began when as always I visited a friend to watch DSDS on TV and he said, "We have a present for you..." handing out my old paperbag that I got from an aromatheque (is that a word?) in Prague for buying his girlfriend a candle.

I always like presents so I just went.. "What's in there?" And then they said.. "DONT open it until tomorrow!"

In there, are (or were) 24 small gifts, wrapped, numbered from 1 to 24, meant to be opened from 1st to 24th December (Christmas Eve) a.k.a. Adventskalender. So far, the first seven are two decors, two snacks (I love snacks!), and three chocolate products (I love chocolate products even more).

I kept joking that they were supposed to be opened every hour, instead day. But I'll be a good boy and play by the rules. So I woke up every morning getting excited to the fact that I have to or will or may open another numbered package.

Until yesterday, as I woke up a bit later than I used to, one of my dorm-mate left me a message on my messenger. "Look to your shoes before you put them on." I was about to reply "Which ones?". And as I opened my walk-in wardrobe, there they were, another reason why people love December.

One thing only. I don't celebrate Christmas. But I still get to keep and enjoy the presents don't I?

Hands off fellas.. :)

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