Thursday, December 01, 2005

vier Quatschen

Current watched dvd: Taken eps 7 and 8. They're great!

1. Quatsch

Last night, I had the worst nightmare ever. EVER. Wanna know what it was? I dreamt that Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie made up, and their first performance together again was ...

Singing in EuroVision Song Contest 2006 in Greece. They represented France, and sang a song titled Paris is Partying. It was a surprise that wasn't sniffable by the media and all.

And that was my worst nightmare. EVER.

2. Quatsch

Talking about singing competition, I really think that this year Deutschland Sucht den Superstar (DSDS, German version of Pop Idol) is so very extremely completely super unbelievably UNFAIR. How come that some people got to bring a (or the) musical instrument to the audition, while some were still singing vocally naked?

One contestant even brought a SYNTHESIZER and performed accompanied by it AND GOT THROUGH. COME ON!!! It is not fair. Not fair. NOT FAIR. What I hate the most is that when they finished their performance, the judges will say.. "Ich bin total total berührt.." or "Es war super super super toll.." or "Ich fands ganz wirklich cool und du hast toll gemacht mit dem Gefühl.." Yuck. Really made me sick.

OK. I know that anyway in the end that they will be judged when they will perform accompanied anyway. But those comments were totally out of place. Did the judges understand that when there are no words can touch one's emotion, only music will be able to do the job? And that's what they (the contestant with music instrument) did.

What made me the sickest (that's not even a word..) is when they ended the performance with the strings of the guitar, and then the jury said, "Super super super gut gemacht." He?? Get outta town dear judges.

What I think is fair, is that if someone performed with an instrument, then the judges should ask them to sing once again a cappella. Then judge them now. Otherwise good luck in finding talented musician rather than a complete performer. Hmm.. more like Ebiet G. Ade. No offense to his fans.

Have nothing against the show. You know I really LOVE this idol thingie. So I'm still gonna watch it, and rooting for Mike from Köln who sang Love's Divine, Shary who sang Run to You, and some people that I don't remember their names.

Fabian who sang Can You Feel the Love Tonight? shouldn't have gotten through, the asian dancing teacher shouldn't have gotten through, the MC whose father was going to jail shouldn't have gotten through and a bunch of guitar strummer especially the one who's half italian and sang When You Say Nothing at All. He has a nice voice, but he shouldn't be allowed to audition in the first place.

BTW, I have only watched auditions to American Idol 3 and 4, and this DSDS audition. I have no other information if in other parts of the world accompanied performance is also allowed. A friend of mine spilled the beans that he thinks that it is not so in Indonesia.

3. Quatsch

Talking about American Idol, I think Carrie's moment of snooping into american's heart is on the third week semi final when she sang Because You Love Me. Not when she performed, but when Simon told her that she was looking a bit old-fashioned, and Carrie replied silently but heard, "I am.." and smiled. Aww Carrie.., everybody always loves charming old-fashioned gal who can sing.. But still, my favs to win were Vonzell and Anthony.

4. Quatsch

Talking about american idols, eventhough I don't like americans, I really really really look up to this person. He is on top of my list whose show I really want to watch and whom I wish to have a debate with. Only one problem. His show airs at 4 AM here in Germany. Gosh..

For me, he looks updatedly smart (kind of smartness that I am always looking for and want to be) and reading transcripts of his program, it was just.. a great show. And he has a tiny tie. Ah, you reality TV fans should know what I'm talking about.

I am determined I will at least see his program once, before 2005 ends.

That's the fourth. Welcome December..


Gets said...

Vonzell was my second fave because I thought she's off the pitch quite often and hearing's too important a thing for one to be great singer-- Mariah said that her ears are her most essential asset.. hehehe..

My first was Constantine--good, good performer, and that is only to add up to the wonderful voice he has.

Bie said...

HAH? Mariah said that?? I thought her boobs are her most essential asset... seriously..

I dont really like Constantine.. Eventhough he's funny and fun, he's... distant.. or something like that..

Credo said...

I'd prefer Anthony and Vonzell as well. Don't really enjoy Carrie's singing. Bo is a good performer.. Don't like Constantine, hehe (no offense Gegeta) ^_^

Gets said...

None taken, Credo.. ;D

And Bay, come on.. she's been through a lot, don't be so mean..if Mariah's most essential asset is her boobs instead of her voice, what were the others' who sound remotely worse? i.e. almost all of the female singers.. :D

But to be fair, her boobs did become enormous recently and they kinda get in her way.. huauahua.. but I'm never a fan of her boobs so I wouldn't consider it as an asset. I don't know about you...hehehe.. I am, though, a fan of her voice long before she got the boobs..

Lagian, you notice it's every woman's essential assets, right?;D

Bie said...

to Credo: maybe because you're not familiar with country.. I'm not saying it because I am, but because I also am not.

But Carrie's voice is just.. two thumbs up.

to Geget: hmm.. I've never actually known someone who will triumphantly and admissively say that.

But you said that her asset is her ears, not her voice.. And I've never seen her "decorating" her ears.. and flaunt it more.. I've seen her other body parts decorated and flaunted.. Hehehehe..