Thursday, December 22, 2005

now they're having "enough" exposure, and yet got booted off

Current books read: State of Fear, by Michael Crichton; Digital Photographer's Guide to Photoshop Elements - study reading: none, mate. It's holiday..

Honestly, my initial reaction was shocked. My second initial (if there is such a term) was "Damn drama!". My reaction now is "Am I being fooled?"

Actually, Didi was really in a danger tonight. After the publication shown in the capture. Remember Filip Trojovsky? Nope? OK. Plus, Didi performed not great. But seriously Daniel and Stephan performed so bad, that I even flipped the channel before they both finished their performance.

Sigh.. No one to root anymore from the boys.. Go Meri!!

Best performance: Hate to say it, but Nevio.
Worst performance: Daniel
Safest performance: Fabian
Best surprise: Didi chose difficult song "If You Don't Know Me by Now"

Dieter Bohlen quote of the week: ".. I think because I don't know the song.." to Daniel on his "Purest of Pain" spanglish version performance. More MTV, mate. And less NDR.
Drama queen of the week: Marco Schreyl when he said, "Tatsächlich!" Ja klar, Marco!
Wished he wasn't kicked off tonight: Fabian. Because he looked sooooo disappointed.

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