Tuesday, December 13, 2005

top 10 boys

Current watched TV program: The X Factor

Since tomorrow they're performing, it's just about time that I at least doing what I can. Bitch about them. Hahaha.. So here they are, the top 10 boys of DSDS, in no particular order. I will try to keep it short, 5 sentences per contestant?

Fabian Behnisch

Got a good tone but weird runs and vibra. Always picked wrong songs. Singing messily. Not good enough. Drama queen. Bad.

Daniel Munoz

Eventhough he's through with a guitar, I'm glad that he was. Has a listenable pulled voice, must work on performance though. Not appealing enough both voice and person. Even so, I think he's the safest performer to go through. OK.

Didi Knoblauch

Great. Great. Great. Although image must be toned down a bit. My second favorite of the boys. Good.

Mike Leon Grosch

He's not as good as I thought he was. Even so, has great husky voice, great performance. Good.

Markus Derwall

Has good looks. Doesn't perform well. Screaming instead of singing (I'm not so sure though). Mediocre voice. Bad.

Gian-Luca Krykon

Best natural singer, I think. His voice reminds me a lot to Shane Westlife and/or Brian Backstreet Boys. But in a good way. And they both are the strongest singers in their bands. First favorite. Eventhough too rigid in performing. Good.

Nevio K Passaro

Got tired of this guy. The voice is too soft, and weak, and a lot of times got pitchy. almost crossing the line of being confident or cocky/fake. Very bad in singing a cappella. Oh, BTW, got through with a guitar. OK.

Julian Kasprzik

Hmm.. never shown on TV before. At least I haven't seen him. Dead curious though. N/A.

Tobias K Regner

I'm not a fan. He's different as he has rocker style. Good voice, but not good singing. Not clear what is he going to be. OK.

Stephan Darnstaedt

Hmm.. he's just weird.. He reminds me a lot of Daniel Küblbock. Horrible. But however lovable. Just like Mr. Küblbock. Bad.

Overall, no-one reeeaally special from this 10. There are some stronger singers, some stronger performers. But not one of them has the complete package. Rooting for Gian-Luca though. If only he could move a bit more. The mädchen will follow in the following days.

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