Monday, July 10, 2006

sex and the city and i

Current books read: High Fidelity by Nick Hornby which had to wait for some days because of other activities - watched dvd: Sex and the City, season 6, disc 1-2-3-4-5

After I figured out that lots of people I mean LOTS of people in my circle are working overtime and some must stay until the wee hours this week, last night I suddenly had the mood to can not sleep. And it was successful. So successful so that I had to turn on the TV for company (and of course there's nothing there), and jam some DVDs into their players.

So I caught up with Carrie Bradshaw's Love Story a.k.a. Sex and the City. Season 6. The whole season. In one night. Guess how that made me feel now. Right..

But I kept thinking. In this era, where religion can be chosen from Hinduism to Hedonist, from Scientology to Oprah to Jedi-ism, when will Sex and the City will also be considered as one?

Oh God, no. I'm not having a Carrie Bradshaw moment here. Posing a question and then post it in their journal. :) No, no. Not me.

But don't you think it made sense? My sister already said to me one time, "I'm trying to pull a Carrie Bradshaw today. Do I succeed?" She's talking about the fashion. It must have been heard somewhere, "Well, Carrie said that ... " or "What would Carrie do?". Hmm..

But anyway. Sex and the City. Yes. I still can't project when what is being talked in that series can be applied in Indonesia. Or has it been?

For a start, dating game in Indonesia is being played on a completely different field. The procedure will be foreign, and what is seen in movies will seem .. bland, for me. Yes, bland, not blatant. And then it doesn't include sex. I know there's a lot of damn's because of that. And it includes a lot of Saturday nights. Which is tiring and boxing. And guess what, sometimes, it includes a lot of parents. WTF??!

So, Sex and the City, in Indonesia? Not in a million years. Just kidding. Maybe in a hundred. Well at least when I'm aware of Indonesian dating games. In the meantime, I have to catch up with Indonesia.

Gosh getting really drowzy now. Perhaps I should start the date with my pillow.


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