Monday, July 10, 2006

honestly, i don't know which i'm rooting for

Dirk is for France. Andreas is for Italy. Jürgen is for France. Geget is for Italy. Hammo is for France. Barney is for Italy. Harlie is for France. Philip is for Italy. (I guess) Rama is for France. Tanti is for Italy.

I was for Italy last Wednesday. I was for France later last Wednesday. I was for Italy Thursday. I was for France yesterday. Now I don't know which team I am for.

May the best team win, and let's take a sip of that drink to finish it.


Update: Ew! What's up with Zidane?? I'm so for Italy.

Update (2): Err.. so congratz Andreas, Geget, Barney, Philip, and Tanti. :)

Update (3): Kottke has an interesting entry on this.

Update (4): Mazeratti denies, lip readers/translators can not be relied on.

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