Friday, July 14, 2006

Miss Indonesia 2006 and Her Broken English

Current watched internet clip: Miss Indonesia 2006 early interview in Miss Universe 2006 errr.. Pageant

I don't mean to be rude, but I believe that this video, of Miss Indonesia being asked some daily life questions on sequins and ruffles (the questions not the miss), can turn straight guys gay. In order to turn them back straight, I attach her picture below.

Miss Indonesia Nadine Chandrawinata in her swimsuitI mean, come on! In 10 years ag(o)..?! My admire.. admirer is Mother Theresa?! Damp instead of them (Twice!)?! And the biggest shocker is .. Indonesia is a beautiful city?!

Quoting Joey, "That's it? Boy, you're lucky you're hot.."

Honestly, Miss, I would like to be on the same queue line with your fans. I would like to root you to snatch the title. Or if it is too much to ask, I would be more than willing to let you represent the face of my country. Beautiful, kind-hearted, sexy, good intentions, which I believe those things are you.

But the interview video is not the only thing you are offering me to root you as a representative for my country, right? Right?

So here's the deal. You have a team, right Miss? Ask your team to study who Verona Pooth nee Feldbusch is. On a second thought, you're half german, right? You must have known Mrs. Pooth, then.. If not, or it's too hazy, here's an article of her in german Wikipedia. Don't tell me you don't understand what's on it. Come on, now!

Tell your team that you have to turn this language malfunction to your benefit. At least now people are talking about your english rather than your I-can't-believe-she-struts-in-front-of-millions-in-a-swimsuit kinda thing. Be cute and irresistable and famous because you are making mistake exactly like other humans. Just like Verona. And I'm sure you will get more publicity than Janet Jackson. Prolly not, but a good shot anyway.

The reason I'm telling you this, is because I reside now temporarily in Germany and I know a lot (A LOT) of Indonesians who live in Germany surviving only with their broken german (I'm one of them, I must say), and my german friends think we are adorable. So there you go.

Remember: (1) There is no such thing as bad publicity. (2) a little flirt would have never hurt. (3) Even an english native speaker can have a language malfunction and survive the turmoil. Just watch the clip. So, cheer up!

So go out there, kick some ass and break a leg. But I hope you know what I mean by that last three words in the preceding sentence.

Now it's up to you, Miss, to think whether I'm being seriously sarcastic or being sarcastically serious. After all, you have the resource. You won a contest whose criteria is Brain, Beauty and Behaviour, for crying out loud. Or is it possible to win it by only having two out of three?

I'll be watching you to find out the answer by knocking on wood three times. Knock-knock-knock.

We're settled.

PS: This post is written mainly to support a gal that I know. I'm not sure if she still knows me, though. :) She's kinda having a rough time now because of a post like this.


merlyna lim said...

Bieeee..... not sure if i still know you? !? of course I do... and will always do... huahaha.

thanks for supporting, my friend. fyi, i enjoyed every milisecond of my rough time.... i became insane by enjoying too much, though :p

Daniel Franklin Gomez said...

She should've got a translator instead, thought it's a safer route to take. At least she tried....I guess... ;-)

Bie said...

thanks, Mer. :)

to daniel franklin: Oh my God, you're right! She tried! She did this on purpose. She wanted to throw us away from her other only-God-knows incapabilities..

Hmm.. Curiouser, curiouser..

Mike said...

Well, I think she's not finished yet, or is she? Let just wait and see 23rd July

Bie said...

Mike, as always, I don't really get what you mean.

Care to elaborate?

Mike said...

The last update is she claimed that she was jetlag and had to do the interview right away. So a simple mistake.

Go Miss Indonesia

Bie said...

I have never heard someone with an (supposedly) international reputation had a sudden language malfunction because of jet lag.

But I agree. Go Miss Indonesia. Go home.