Wednesday, July 26, 2006

project project runway. season one. episode eight. the explanation.

Current books read: A Long Way Down - another Nick Hornby's masterpiece - music in ear: Don't Feel Like Dancing by Scissor Sisters. Yay!

Achtung: Of course this post will contain spoilers of the first season. Who're you kidding?!

OK. I kinda have to admit it. Perhaps it's not the single best episode in reality TV ever made. Perhaps it owes everything to other episodes preceding it. But really, watching it the first time, I can really see every emotions of the competitions worn on the shoulders by every contestant on this episode.

Jay McCarroll.

Jay kept his character throughout this competition. Especially in this episode. He was so exhillirating, amusing, funny, cleverly witty. Typical Jay. Augusta Gloop? Oh. My. Gaw! ....

Nah, I lost it. I gotta see it again and refill myself with the euphoria. BRB! :)

PS: Miss Universe is so deadly boring! Even after I skipped a lot of stuff there, it was still. Hmph.

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