Sunday, July 02, 2006

finale .. o-o .. finale .. o-o-o-o ..

Current books read: Shopaholic and Sister by Sophie Kinsella. Not so good - expected TV program: Wimbledon matches - watched dvd: The Awful Truth season 2

Honestly, I kinda saw it coming. I mean, come on .. there were no fighting spirits in their (English and Brazil) last matches. English got lucky twice, and Brazil played all matches far below expectation.

Do I want France and Portugal to advance? Hell no. I hate France and cocky C. Ronaldo. Gosh. But come to think of it, this will turn out to be a great final after all. So one of two of this season's villains will advance, and (hopefully) will face Germany in the final.

And let's just support what's left wholeheartedly so that the good guys win the battle.

Eventhough a source close to mine (not to the guys) said that Germany 11 is not the most humble team there is either. Heheheh..


Gets said...

I, too, feel that Ronaldo is somehow unpleasant. Henceforth, I prefer the French to win the next match.. heheh.. as to the other pair, it's 50-50.. I don't want to take side but whoever comes out as a winner the Ger-Ita game hopefully will win the whole thing also..

Bie said...

unpleasant?? I don't know about his BO yet FYI.

Anyway, the 50 won last night. I guess Dolce & Gabbana is a charm. I should start sporting them .. not! :D

Gets said...

oh unpleasant itu hanya bisa dipake untuk menggambarkan BO yah? I meant his attitude lho, FYI.. maaf deh, salah klo gitu..

50?? I wish I could sport them..