Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Roland Garros, the semifinals

Current books read: Bulletproof Web Design von Dan Cederholm. It takes much longer because it's in German. :(( - music in ear: Dreamgirls ps: can't wait for the movie

Oooh.. I really can't wait to see the semis! Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait.

Just look at the names on the women's singles. And if everything went right and by the book, we will have the top four seeded players in the Men's Singles semi. I wish I could see Hamburg Masters Organizers' faces if Ljubicic were through today.

So in the meantime, GO NADAL! GO LJUBICIC! But after that, GO FED!!

As for the ladies, Vaidisova is totally surprising. But I'm for Kuznetsova to win their SF, and then Clijster on the other match. To take home the title, I haven't settled on anyone. More towards to Clijster, though.

In the meantime, remember the last time I blogged "What Would I Do?"? If not, here I remind you. One of the lines was written as follows: Once I was told, that all man get what they deserve. And damn, Phoebe Buffay! Because of her I kept singing it this way: Once I was told, that old man gets what they deserve.

OK, I have to go. I have a risotto to make. Or Bake.

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