Wednesday, June 07, 2006

hey big spendor

Hmm, this week is definitely going to be the week in which I will spend most money in a week. It's because of these things.

First, Frank and Tanja got back from the USA. If they found the time to buy me The Mole 1st season (a reality show which is hosted by the one and only Mr. Anderson Cooper) DVD, that means I'm out twenty bucks. I don't know if I should count the currency or not.

Second, cheap brand Augencreme, or in English eye cream (hmmm.. is this even correct?) costs around 9-11 Euro. And cheap brand Nachtcreme, or in English night cream costs around 8-10 Euro. I have no idea how those things are gonna work, I just told that I should try some. :-o BTW, If those thing are bought in Douglas, I don't know how much it'll cost.

3rd, I am the highest bidder in eBay for a thing that I had wanted since I knew that that kinda thing existed. It's a second-hand Wacom Graphire 3 Classic Graphic Tablet, that if it's bought in Wacom official store, it will cost me 56 Euro, without the mouse. With the mouse, it'll be 93 Euro. :-O. I got very lucky on eBay that day: my biggest competitor didn't know how to bid accordingly on eBay. I won by 22 cents only. Hahahaa.. And I got to pay some 60 Euro including the mouse. Yes! But that means I have to pay for it.

Fourth, I kinda fixed a date to cut my hair. And this time, it would be done by a friend of mine, which is also a professional hairdresser. I don't know how much he's gonna charge me for that.

Last, and definitely the least, I still wanna watch X-III, The Omen, and M-i-III in no particular order. And I should pay two tickets for The Omen.

Maybe this weekend is the right time to file bankruptcy .. to my mother. :)

Luckily I don't have any World-Cup-related expenses. Yet (?).


Mike said...

I like the MOLE but honestly I didn't notice that the host is him. Well I guess just looking at the web didn't make you thorough.

Bie said...

dia cuman ngehost seseason kok.. and it's becoming an on-going joke between him and the interviewer now. heheheh..

kasian banget si the mole.

Bie said...

eh ternyata ngehost season 2 juga, tapi yang ada di DVD cuman yang 1.

Mike said...

well, later on there will be DVD for the second season but the first season get the better review than the second one.