Wednesday, June 21, 2006



Forgive my French. But still, Scheiße!!!

This thing always happens. Always happens. ALWAYS!!

So, recently I'm kinda rooting for these two teams in World Cup, alright? The germans and the swedish. Yeah, I reckon they will meet in the top 16, but who can blame the rules. Yesterday I so wanted Sweden to win so that they don't have to pack their bags earlier.

So the swedes drew, when Germany wins. They will meet in top 16 (what is 1/8 final called in English?). And I was so excited watching it happens. I checked out my gameplan calendar to check it out. When and where.

In the background, we were sitting in the kitchen of General Consulate of Indonesia in Hamburg. Talking how we will be excited to see the opening of "Der Traum von Bali" (The Dream of Bali) exhibition. I got two tickets to the opening!! Because I know the so-called project manager. Hehehe.. Frankly, he should be a role model for every Indonesian.

Back to topic.. After I secured two tickets, I checked the time, Oh, great, Saturday 1500 hours. I can rush to the Germany-Sweden game.

And then it struck me. At 1800 hours on the same day, I have a performance in University of Hamburg (the university that you ITB-Choir sang in two years ago). I will be having a performance at 18 o'clock. In the middle of Germany-Sweden game. The last chance to mis-pronounce while cheering on Ljungberg of Sverige, or huthing Huth.

But on the other hand, who will watch us perform? More importantly .. what will happen during that time? I mean, fuck with all 63 other games. I want to see this one!

OK, now I know how my dad feels everytime I nagged, "Daaadd.. I wanna watch Doraemon. You can read the result from the boxing tomorrow on paper anyway..".

Emotional breakdown starts now.

And, uh, by the way, because I got far too tired, I missed Anderson Cooper's interviewing Angelina Jolie on 360, of course.

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