Friday, June 09, 2006

comparing How Deep is Your Love?

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Yesterday, I confessed to a random chatter (hehehe) that I thought Bee Gees' 'How Deep is Your Love?' is an unbelievably beautiful song. The reason is: Because it was so detailed.

My opinion was that the song was full of emotion (hey, that's another title!), all sung correctly. And then the Bee Gees' sounds are fairly distributed throughout the song. I mean it isn't festively decorated by the falsettos.

And then the dynamic and the tempo was on the money. It makes the song soothing, favorable to rock to, and still have the feeling of that 70's disco song.

And after a while of blabbing, the chatter told me: "I thought you were talking about the one from Take That..!" :-o. In all fairness, Take That's version did steal my attention back then. And I listened to it like 300 times during its glorious time. And because of that my knowledge of the song was totally ruined.

You see this morning I found a chance to drop by (again) to one of my favorite places on earth: YouTube. And the first video that I googled YouTubed was Bee Gees singing How Deep is Your Love?. And it turns out, that the lyrics are slightly different.

I just found out today (TODAY!) that the lyrics were supposed to be .. "How deep is your love? I really mean to learn". While Take That sang it "I really need to learn". and how about those "I feel you touch my hand in the pouring rain" as opposed to "I feel you touch me in the pouring rain?" Scandalous! Heheh..

But anyway, Take That's version introduces a slower tempo, which makes the song less dynamic and Gary Barlow sound so medok. Just watch and listen to it. And of course Take That sings everything much whinier.

But until today, I kept singing with when the "When I fall .." part (1:33 and 2:31 on Take That clip) comes along. Hahahah..

When I faaaaall...


Rolf said...

Good point, the Bee Gees version is much more beautiful, but I think Take That did a good job too.

What about that first line - the brothers Gibb sang "I know your eyes in the morning sun" but the GB sang "And when you rise in the morning sun", a small change but it changes the meaning of the second line. The original is a comparison of good times and bad - morning sun v pouring rain. Gary Barlow's change make the lyrics more "Taker That"-ish but loses some meaning from the verse. Why would his lover rise in the morning sun, in the pouring rain? What kind of climate is he living in?

Nuff said.

Bie said...

Hey there, Rolf. Gosh, you're deep. :)

Yeah, you're right. That first line is troublesome too. But I'd never thought it that deep. This is a good excuse to listen to the song some hundreds more time. Heheh..

Thanks for the comment.

And oh, I think Gary Barlow's lover lives somewhere near Wimbledon (that's just me being irked because of delays and delays in Wimbledon right now).